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Synonyms for toxicity

the degree to which something is poisonous

grave harmfulness or deadliness

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[10.] Wang H, Liang Y, Li S, Chang J (2013) Acute toxicity, respiratory reaction, and sensitivity of three cyprinid fish species caused by exposure to four heavy metals.
Based on the acute toxicity results and environmentally relevant concentrations of diazinon in previous studies [7, 8], daphnids were exposed during 14 days to the following sublethal diazinon concentrations: 0 (control), 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, and 1.0 [micro]g x [L.sup.-1].
To our knowledge, there is only one previously published study investigating cytokine expression during IMRT for prostate cancer and their relationship with acute toxicity [24].
Therefore, although the color removal varied considerably with the initial pH, the variation in acute toxicity was relatively small after the treatment.
Associated hazards include: acute toxicity (acute lethality at high concentrations only), blood toxicity, immunotoxicity, cardiovascular toxicity, liver toxicity, kidney toxicity, reproductive toxicity, developmental toxicity, and neurotoxicity.
Acute toxicity screening was also performed to determine its safe dose range.
Hence, acute toxicity of Fe and Cu had major impact on gene expression of these proteins in liver.
Necropsy of animals submitted to acute toxicity was performed and the organs (liver and kidney) were kept in neutral buffered formalin (10%) for 48 h at room temperature.
However, according to the data, the concentrations seem to be below the threshold for acute toxicity to marine organisms.
Purpose: The aim of this study was to investigate the biochemical, hematological and pathological effects of the acute toxicity study as well as to assess the locomotor activity and motor coordination in mice treated with GFC.
The MFME acute toxicity studies were preformed on normal rats as previously described by Lorke et al.
"We are working together on acute toxicity studies in different species of fish, because this information is lacking.
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