common cold

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a mild viral infection involving the nose and respiratory passages (but not the lungs)

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There are many risk factors which can be associated with acute respiratory infections. Some of them include maternal education and socioeconomic class.
Acute respiratory infection among children age 2 month to 5 years: Do children with initially "No pneumonia" progress to pneumonia.
Iactis UABLA-12 in acute respiratory infections in children: a randomized controlled trial.
et al (17) in Malatya children with recurrent acute respiratory infections and diarrhoea was shown serum vitamin A level of 51.66[+ or -]8.1 [micro]g/dL in respiratory infections, 47.21[+ or -]8.27 [micro]g/dL in diarrhea cases and 58.14[+ or -]9.07 [micro]g/dL in controls.
Vitamin D deficiency showed no meaningful statistical relation with acute respiratory infections (pgreater than 0.05).
Background: Although human parainfluenza virus (HPIV) has been determined as an important viral cause of acute respiratory infections (ARIs) in infants and young children, data on long-term investigation are still lacking to disclose the infection pattern of HPIV in China.
Another study found that antibiotics are often overprescribed for acute respiratory infections at VA centers.
Human adenovirus detection among immunocompetent and immunocompromised patients presenting acute respiratory infection. Rev Soc Bras Med Trop.
The WHO reiterates calls on member states to remain vigilant for cases of severe acute respiratory infections.
The former president gets round-the-clock care after abdominal surgery this year and an acute respiratory infection in 2011.
In January 2011, he was treated for an acute respiratory infection. n t.
The nation's military has been responsible for Mandela's medical care since he suffered an acute respiratory infection in 2011.
At age 92, he is in fragile health and was briefly hospitalised in January with an acute respiratory infection. But he apparently felt well enough to invite the Obama family to visit him.
Now, at the age of 92, he is in fragile health and was briefly hospitalised in January with an acute respiratory infection.
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