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inflammation of the peritoneum

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An elevation in proinflammatory cytokines from PD dialysate samples (e.g., IL-1 and IL-6) is evident from the time of clinical presentation with acute peritonitis and their levels remain significantly elevated for at least 6 weeks after the initial presentation (compared to control patients, P < 0.001) 71].
Acute peritonitis maybe classified as primary (spontaneous), where an infection has been raised de novo within the peritoneum, or secondary, where the inflammation involving the peritoneum is the result of an identifiable primary process.
In acute peritonitis thorough exploration of the abdominal cavity is quite difficult due to inflammation and bowel distention.
The 23-year-old was rushed to hospital by his lover John Fitzherbert - formerly Hockney's partner of 24 years - but died of acute peritonitis.
Hockney's former partner, John Fitzherbert, drove Elliott to Scarborough Hospital in the early hours of the morning, but the personal assistant later died of acute peritonitis.
She was found to have died as a result of acute peritonitis, an inflammation of the membrane which lines the inside of the abdomen and all internal organs.
Pathologists revealed she died from acute peritonitis, just a day after going to hospital suffering abdominal pains.
She died on May 17 from acute peritonitis, having suffered deteriorating health for a number of days.
In the present study, all major postoperative complications including haemorrhage (1 Percent), bile leakage (1 Percent) and suspected acute peritonitis (0.5 Percent) requiring reoperation occurred during first 100 consecutive laparoscopic cholecystectomies.
This perpetual problem in surgery has no solution even today, more than a century after Lawson Tait from Birmingham (1897) for the first time successfully performed a surgical intervention in a patient, diagnosed preoperatively with acute peritonitis. Nevertheless, medicine has achieved quite a few successes related to this problem (Eryuhin, 1986).
TRAINER Criquette Head-Maarek has paid tribute to Anabaa, the dual Group 1 winner and leading French sire who died yesterday, aged 17, from acute peritonitis after surgery for a bout of colic at Haras du Quesnay in Normandy.
Thetrial heard the cause of death was acute peritonitis caused by a ruptured intestine brought on by blunt force abdominal trauma.
Darden's career was cut short around 1975, when she was hospitalized with acute peritonitis, an abdominal infection.