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inflammation of the peritoneum

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6) Wherever the patient is monitored, regular repeat assessment is mandatory from a clinical and metabolic perspective, and occasionally laparotomy will be indicated because of acute peritonitis or significant continued bleeding.
3) This may result in reduced ventricular contractions and insufficient digestion, acute peritonitis, or sudden death.
TRAINER Criquette Head-Maarek has paid tribute to Anabaa, the dual Group 1 winner and leading French sire who died yesterday, aged 17, from acute peritonitis after surgery for a bout of colic at Haras du Quesnay in Normandy.
Thetrial heard the cause of death was acute peritonitis caused by a ruptured intestine brought on by blunt force abdominal trauma.
Hands," died in an emergency room (of acute peritonitis consequent to the perforation of his colon), the press had a field day, treating the story as a grotesque joke, while local politicians exploited the "outrage.
Darden's career was cut short around 1975, when she was hospitalized with acute peritonitis, an abdominal infection.
He said the cause of death was acute peritonitis due to perforation of the wall of the bowel by a feeding tube, with the baby's multiple malformations being a contributory factor.
Abdominal pain is present in 75% to 95% of patients, the clinical picture being typical of acute peritonitis.