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Previous studies identified the high expression of Card9 in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from patients with aseptic acute pancreatitis (5) and the potential mechanisms of therapeutic effects through siRNA silencing of the Card9 gene (6).
However, the pain did not resolve post-partum; due to progressive exacerbation, the patient was hospitalized at the local hospital six months later and eventually diagnosed with acute pancreatitis.
Conclusion: It can be concluded that diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging might be better than contrast-enhanced computed tomography in the diagnosis of acute pancreatitis as it avoids radiation exposure as well as the development of renal failure and pancreatitis aggravation due to the use of contrast for computed tomography.
Conclusion: In patients of mild acute pancreatitis, early oral feeding is feasible and safe and has better outcome then those with routine oral refeeding.
Acute pancreatitis is an atypical complication of primary acute symptomatic EBV infection.
To examine the prevalence and outcome of acute pancreatitis associated with HIV infection in a cohort of patients with acute pancreatitis admitted to a regional hospital service with a high prevalence of HIV infection during May 2001-November 2010, a period that covers the introduction and expansion of HAART in the management of HIV infection in South Africa (SA).
The findings were suggestive of acute pancreatitis (Figure 1).
There is very limited data available on the predictive capability of early CT scan in patients with acute pancreatitis.
The exudative pleural effusions in acute pancreatitis result from the transdiaphragmatic transfer of the exudative fluid arising from acute pancreatic inflammation and from diaphragmatic inflammation.
Biopharmaceutical company CalciMedica Inc reported on Wednesday the receipt of Fast-Track designation from the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) for CM4620 for the treatment of acute pancreatitis.
It is important to differentiate the mild and severe forms of acute pancreatitis (AP) at the earliest with a high level of accuracy to decrease the morbidity and mortality rates of AP.
Gallstones are a common cause of acute pancreatitis, which is usually resolved with adequate treatments in a few days.
Acute pancreatitis induced by hypercalcemia due to primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) is a very rare condition, and its prevalence is estimated to be between 1.
The conventional management of acute pancreatitis involves an NPO regimen until the pain and nausea have resolved.
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