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inflammation of the pancreas

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The association of acute pancreatitis and hemolysis is less widely appreciated than the association of pancreatitis with lipemic serum.
Excessive alcohol intake and gall stones are known risk factors for acute pancreatitis.
Acute pancreatitis is the swelling and inflammation of the pancreas and in the US some 70% of cases are caused by alcohol abuse.
The diagnosis of acute pancreatitis is usually established by the detection of an increased level of serum amylase and lipase.
No association between an increased risk of acute pancreatitis and treatment with incretin therapy for type 2 diabetes was found in a large case-control study.
This same population of adults, between the ages of 18-64 with type 2 diabetes, had a greater risk of hospitalization for acute pancreatitis if they used tobacco, consumed alcohol or were obese.
Two patients, one suffering from acute pancreatitis with multiple organ failure (serum amylase 550 mg/dl and CRP 440 mg/dl), the other with hepatitis C stage 2.
While traditionally chronic pancreatitis has been thought of as a separate entity from acute pancreatitis, given that recurrent episodes of acute pancreatitis occasionally lead to chronic pancreatitis, acute and chronic pancreatitis are now thought be on a spectrum of a similar disease.
Dr Joe McNamara, from the MRC, said the finding was "an innovative first step" towards drug development for acute pancreatitis.
The complication rate of acute pancreatitis (AP) is 1 in 1500 to 3300 during pregnancy (1).
Normal serum lipase in the setting of acute pancreatitis is an extremely rare occurrence (3).
The planned study in patients with acute pancreatitis is a double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicenter trial.
I WILL never forget the day my GP cut off my supply at the end of 2009 - five years after I was first had acute pancreatitis.
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