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an acute (sometimes fatal) form of viral hepatitis caused by a DNA virus that tends to persist in the blood serum and is transmitted by sexual contact or by transfusion or by ingestion of contaminated blood or other bodily fluids

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Demographic characteristics and injection drug use behavior for 3,305 reported cases of acute hepatitis B virus infection, by reporting period--Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia, 2006-2013 Reporting period 2006-2009 2010-2013 (n = 1,243) (n = 2,062) Characteristic * No.
Gullain barre syndrome complicating acute hepatitis B.
Acute hepatitis B presenting as gullain barre syndrome.
There were 326 reported cases of acute hepatitis B in the study population; diabetes information was available for 226.
Other reported risk factors for acute hepatitis B were less common among those with hepatitis B who had diabetes than in both the nondiabetic subjects and the group of 100 for whom diabetes information was not available.
Acute hepatitis B is diagnosed by detection of IgM antibodies to the hepatitis B core antigen (IgM anti-HBc).
During 1996-1998, approximately half of persons with reported acute hepatitis B previously had been treated for a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or incarcerated: 89% of injection drug users, 35% of men who have sex with men, and 70% of persons with multiple sex partners with reported acute hepatitis B had been previously incarcerated or treated for an STD.
A total of 3,842 cases of acute hepatitis B were reported in four U.
An analysis of 1,055 cases of acute hepatitis B between 1990 and 1997 showed that heterosexual activity accounted for the greatest proportion (38%) of new cases.
Incidence and risk factors for acute hepatitis B in the United States, 1982-1998: implications for vaccination programs.
Half the patients with acute hepatitis B and hepatitis C are 11 to 30 years of age (11).
ATLANTA -- The incidence of acute hepatitis B has dropped dramatically in the United States in the last decade, Dr.
Since the 1991 adoption of a comprehensive strategy to eliminate hepatitis B virus (HBV) transmission in the United States (1), the incidence of acute hepatitis B cases has declined steadily.
Clinical manifestations of acute hepatitis B can be severe, and serious complications (i.
On March 31, 2000, acute hepatitis B was confirmed serologically in a 34-year-old man (index patient) who had been incarcerated for 2.
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