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Synonyms for toxicity

the degree to which something is poisonous

grave harmfulness or deadliness

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For our acute exposure (case-crossover) analysis, we calculated the attributable risk (AR) to estimate the number of excess cases per 10,000 births associated with 1[degrees]C increase in temperature using the following formula:
A less sensitive fish species exhibited significantly higher ability to amass metals in its body during acute exposures.
Despite the benefits of fluoride, there is a potential for harm resulting from chronic and acute exposure to fluoride.
point out that urine or blood mercury levels may reflect acute exposure in some people, but the measurements cannot show mercury levels stored in organs and tissue.
Acute exposure at lower concentrations can still cause weakness, nausea and eye and skin irritation while chronic exposure can affect the cardiovascular and central nervous systems, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.
HEALTH HAZARDS The most significant health effects of air pollution have been associated with particulate matter Acute exposure to NO2 causes respiratory irritation and leads to pulmonary oedema, pneumonitis and bronchitis.
Symptoms of acute exposure range from headaches to difficulty breathing to skin irritation.
Acute exposure laboratory studies were conducted to assess fertilization success, development, survival, and swimming behavior, and sublethal exposure laboratory experiments were conducted to assess the impact of brief exposures on growth and survival.
05) increses plasma concentration of triglyceride in newborn hatching chick; but acute exposure to ethanol in embryonic stages had no effect on plasma concentration of triglyceride (figure 2).
The consequences of overexposure may be acute after a latent period, sequelae to an acute exposure, or long-term chronic effects.
Increases in force, power output, and RFD have previously been reported following acute exposure to WBV [16-20,25] and these increases may be related to better maintenance of dynamic balance among older adults.
The aims of this study were to determine whether stretch-induced patellar tendon reflex will be enhanced after acute exposure to WBV, and if stretch reflex is enhanced, whether isokinetic knee extensor peak torque performance will be improved.
As it relates to acute exposure to altitude the human body experiences a condition known as hypoxic hypoxia.
When it comes to health concerns, doctors already have an ability to get the needed information surrounding an acute exposure.
It will also be used in Nabi-HB hyperimmune globulin to treat acute exposure to blood containing hepatitis B surface antigen, perinatal exposure of infants born to HBsAg-positive mothers, sexual exposure to HBsAg-positive persons and household exposure to persons with acute HBV infection.
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