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Synonyms for toxicity

the degree to which something is poisonous

grave harmfulness or deadliness

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We show that acute exposure to low doses of BPA ([less than or equal to] [10.
Nonetheless, in the present investigation, acute exposure of WBV device that produced vertical oscillation with a higher frequency (ie > 30 Hz) and low amplitude (< 1 mm) did not induce potentiating effects to the stretch reflex possibly mediated by enhancement of muscle spindle sensitivity.
These results suggest that acute exposure of cocaine, CFT, or mazindol do not affect the signaling process related to DAT phosphorylation.
These data provide confirmation that acute exposure to intimate partner violence is significantly over-represented among women currently on welfare.
Acute exposure laboratory studies were conducted to assess fertilization success, development, survival, and swimming behavior, and sublethal exposure laboratory experiments were conducted to assess the impact of brief exposures on growth and survival.
05) increses plasma concentration of triglyceride in newborn hatching chick; but acute exposure to ethanol in embryonic stages had no effect on plasma concentration of triglyceride (figure 2).
The water solubility of neonics mean that they leach and run-off easily and have been found to contaminate much wider areas leading to both chronic and acute exposure of organisms, including in riparian zones, estuarine and coastal marine systems.
Allergic symptoms can last for only hours from an acute exposure (like visiting a home that has a pet you're allergic to) or can last for weeks or months, if the allergen is always present.
No connection could be found, however, between acute exposure to a violent video game and aggression, he said.
Some categorize acute exposure as less than 8 hours, short-term as less than 2 weeks, and chronic exposure as more than 2 months.
These contracts are the first by BARDA to address the skin and lung injuries that arise from acute exposure to high levels of ionizing radiation - the type of radiation that results from a nuclear blast.
Our data were shown that acute exposure to ethanol in embryonic stages significantly (P<0.
This is called acute exposure and poses no harm to the fish.
Further, the team warns that chronic exposure is worse than acute exposure, with the chemical compounds in samples exposed to chronic thirdhand smoke existing in higher concentrations and causing more DNA damage than samples exposed to acute thirdhand smoke, suggesting that the residue becomes more harmful over time.
An important difference is that CT scans are an acute exposure at a high dose-rate, which is very different from the low dose-rate conditions in our study.
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