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Acute lead poisoning usually follows when a bird swallows a very large number of lead shot.
Unfortunately, he adds, it also precipitates many hospital visits for acute lead poisoning.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns that "everyday low-level exposure to (lead) render (the public) vulnerable to chronic lead poisoning, even while it spares them the full horrors of acute lead poisoning.
CONCLUSION: The high levels of environmental contamination, percentage of children < 5 years of age with elevated BLLs (97%, > 45 pg/dL), and incidence of convulsions among children before death (82%) suggest that most of the recent childhood deaths in the two surveyed villages were caused by acute lead poisoning from gold ore processing activities.
Coyote hunting intensifies with the end of the large game hunting seasons and coyote carcasses left in the field and contaminated with lead bullet fragments become readily available food sources, exposing scavenging bald and golden eagles to high risk of acute lead poisoning.