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Watson, "Acute lead poisoning: five cases resulting from self-injection of lead and opium," The Quarterly Journal of Medicine, vol.
Blood that is retained in growing bones can be mobilized during periods of physiologic stress (such as illness, injury, or pregnancy), meaning children exposed to lead during a period of rapid bone growth are at long-term risk for acute lead poisoning from their endogenous reservoir without a new exposure.
His siblings had had acute lead poisoning, and he may have had toxic lead levels as well, with lifelong cognitive and behavioural consequences.
Notes from the field: Outbreak of acute lead poisoning among children aged <5 years--Zamfara, Nigeria, 2010.
cause is acute lead poisoning from the processing of lead-rich ore for gold
Parents have frequently reported a dramatic change in the behavior of children after recovery from an episode of acute lead poisoning, with the child becoming restless, inattentive and aggressive (5).