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inflammation of the membranes lining the bronchioles

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The use of hypertonic saline for infants with a first episode of acute bronchiolitis in the pediatric emergency department cannot be recommended," declared Dr.
The assessment of disease severity was determined in accordance with the Turkish Thoracic Society guidelines for acute bronchiolitis (10).
Reduction in mean platelet volume in children with acute bronchiolitis.
Infants hospitalized with acute bronchiolitis were reviewed retrospectively to observe the effect of hydration on the length of hospital stay.
Perrotta, "Chest physiotherapy for acute bronchiolitis in paediatric patients between 0 and 24 months old," Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, vol.
4) A few studies have been done to see the effectiveness of 3% hypertonic saline nebulization in acute bronchiolitis.
2] determined by pulse oximeter is the single best objective predictor of severity in infants with acute bronchiolitis [10] and was chosen as the gold standard in this study.
Doctor Christopher Wright, who at the time of the incident was a paediatric pathologist at Newcastle's RVI Hospital, told the hearing the cause of death was acute bronchiolitis with growth restriction a possible contributing factor.
Additive effects of dexamethasone in nebulized salbutamol or L-epinephrine treated infants with acute bronchiolitis.
Although frequently given, there is no proven benefit of using ipratropium in acute bronchiolitis.
Acute bronchiolitis is most commonly found in infants and young children.
Human bocavirus quantitative DNA detection in French children hospitalized for acute bronchiolitis.
A validated clinical model to predict the need for admission and length of stay in children with acute bronchiolitis.
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