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treatment of pain or disease by inserting the tips of needles at specific points on the skin

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Central to Bohbot's therapy is a network or matrix of more than 300 acupuncture points he claims to have discovered that relate energy meridians to dermatome levels (dermatome matches a specific spinal-cord level with a given area of skin feeling).
Pach et al., "Stimulation of gastric slow waves with manual acupuncture at acupuncture points ST36 and PC6-a randomized single blind controlled trial," Neurogastroenterology and Motility, vol.
For first metatarsophalangeal joint degenerative changes with chronic pain, I inject 1 cc of the Zeel medication intra-articular and then give one-fourth of the cc of this mixture into each of the following acupuncture points of SP 3, SP 2, and LR, utilizing a 30-gauge needle.
The computerized AMI machine confirmed the existence of the meridians and acupuncture points, but also, unexpectedly, of another system of energy points that corresponded to the Indian concept of the chakra or psychic energy centers.
Change in the P300 index--a pilot randomized controlled trial of low-frequency electrical stimulation of acupuncture points in middle-aged men and women.
reported a clinical study using transcutaneous electrical stimulation at acupuncture points for the treatment of refractory gastroesophageal reflux.
Reinhold's system, beginning in 1952, was the first medical approach to acupuncture of substance, an electrodermal method to measure "energy" at the topical acupuncture points as anatomical references and to evaluate ailments from a state of hypertonia or hypotonia measured electronically.
Anna said: "Insertion of acupuncture points along channels help to free up and move certain channels you'll be working on relieving the tension and getting people relaxed, taking stress hormones in the body.
"These outdoor spaces are among the most important 'acupuncture points' of the design," says Yantrasast, "because they flip the museum experience flowing outside and allow the overall complex to connect well with the campus and to freshly welcome visitors with activities of art, nature, and architecture."--David Basulto, founder and editor-in-chief of ArchDaily
The device combines magnetic and mechanical action on the important acupuncture points around the eyes and in this way it helps to normalize the functions of the organs of vision.
Chinese Auricular Acupuncture narrows the focus to ear acupuncture techniques and uses the concepts of traditional Chinese acupuncture to examine clinical applications of ear acupuncture points. This updated second edition includes five new chapters incorporating new research and common questions as well as ethical issues that may arise, and it provides an easy format that allows newcomers and seasoned practitioners an easy path to applying auricular acupuncture techniques to a range of health conditions.
Patients in the TEAS group were given TEAS half an hour prior to anaesthesia induction, and this was maintained throughout the entire procedure at 4 pairs of acupuncture points. Postoperative recovery, pain and side effects were used as the primary end points of the study.
It presents a scientific, anatomically-based approach to acupuncture and discusses acupuncture points, pain measurement and management, and clinical applications from easy cases to challenging.
Various pieces such as charts, needles, books were passed around while being educated about this discipline and how manipulation of the 360 acupuncture points has serious health benefits for people from all walks of life.