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someone versed in the collection and interpretation of numerical data (especially someone who uses statistics to calculate insurance premiums)

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For example, forming captives that do not have legitimate underwriting or actuarial analysis, that collect premiums in a haphazard manner and do not enforce collection when the insured fails to pay, or that show no relationship between the premiums and what could be obtained in the open marketplace clearly indicates that the real purpose of forming the captive is estate planning or investment.
This is consistent with the results from the actuarial analysis, which shows CAC to increase EUI by 63%; however, the regression analysis results suggest a smaller increase in EUI of only 43%.
The company's employee benefits and human resources expertise includes HR solutions, technology consulting, health management and wellness, actuarial analysis and retirement plan services.
But actuarial analysis shows that the funding cuts for some plans could be so severe that they would hurt dual eligibles along with other enrollees, according to AHIP.
The rate adequacy discussion was fascinating, demonstrating again that actuarial analysis remains more art that science.
According to Emilianidou, an actuarial analysis of the SIF -- carried out at the request of Cyprus' international lenders -- found that the fund is viable until the year 2060 without the need to raise contributions.
Analytics is moving from a reactive model that was able to support existing business decisions and verify existing actuarial analysis to a new predictive, proactive approach that can improve business by optimizing processes before events happen.
1 Source: "2014 Long Term Care General Liability and Professional Liability Actuarial Analysis." American Health Care Association and Aon Global Risk Consulting, Nov.
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The department is intended to provide actuarial analysis to inform policy, certify technical actuarial positions and deliver pensions valuations for UK central government, associated bodies and the devolved administrations.
Regulatory intervention in 2013 requires all companies to set pricing for medical and motor business in line with independent actuarial analysis. This places Wala'a at a disadvantage to the established market leaders, who due to their significantly larger sizes have lower relative fixed costs and in some cases will be able to justify lower premium rates.
At the same time, in-depth actuarial analysis combined with operational excellence allows Valence to not only advise but also provide ongoing services to provider organizations operating under various value-based reimbursement models.
To determine whether the rates paid by coastal Texans and other forms of back-up insurance would suffice to cover all of TWIA's liabilities in case of an emergency, TWIA contracted the consulting firm Merlinos and Associates in January to conduct an actuarial analysis. According to the firm's analysis, under extreme circumstances, TWIA could potentially cover liabilities up to $3.79 billion.
In short, the actuarial analysis found that over a five-year period, roughly 20 percent of small employers and five percent of large employers would terminate coverage due to its availability through health insurance exchanges.
Thus, Danforth uses what is in essence an actuarial analysis to draw his conclusions regarding the move away from the clinical perspective.