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a theatrical performer

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Why do men buy wine, run horses, sport actresses, become priests or bookworms?
Most actresses nowadays learn to sing properly, so I tried a master; but he confused me, just
His experience on the stage, gathered at innumerable rehearsals with actresses who had sorely tried his temper, had accustomed him to speak roughly to women who were distasteful to him.
I knew you girls were a set of humbugs, and very pretty ones, too, some of you, but I can't say I like to see you painted up like a lot of actresses," said Tom, with an air of disgust.
Consequently, he was much liked in the world of actors and actresses, journalists and artists.
There were no actresses, the women's parts were taken by boys, and at first ladies when they came to look on wore masks so that they might not be known, as they were rather ashamed of being seen at a theater.
Independently wealthy, he had been loath to dissipate his energies in the pink teas and freak dinners of society, while actresses, race-horses, and kindred diversions had left him cold.
And this,' said the lady, crossing to Smike, as tragic actresses cross when they obey a stage direction, 'and this is the other.
It is impossible to describe the shrieks of joy, the warm embraces, the knocks, and the friendly greetings with which that strange company of dramatic actors and actresses received Pinocchio.
and these two most justly celebrated actresses, in this place, as
Upon it was some desolate flotsam cast aside by the room's marooned when a lucky sail had borne them to a fresh port--a trifling vase or two, pictures of actresses, a medicine bottle, some stray cards out of a deck.
Pregnancy rumours around married actresses of the industry has been endless of late.
Actresses Penelope Cruz , Naya Rivera and Salma Hayek also made this year's list.
The actresses are playing a heightened version of themselves," Cosgrave says.
Actresses Emily Blunt and Nathalie Press jointly won the ITV London Most Promising Newcomer award for My Summer of Love.