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Synonyms for equity

Synonyms for equity

the state, action, or principle of treating all persons equally in accordance with the law

Synonyms for equity

the difference between the market value of a property and the claims held against it

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the ownership interest of shareholders in a corporation

conformity with rules or standards

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Those interviewed are black actors Lorenzo Tucker, Clarence Muse, Woody Strode, Charles Edward Gordone (black actor and the first African American Pulitzer-Prize- winning dramatist), and Frederick Douglass OAENeal (black actor and the first African American to head the Actors Equity Association).
At most posts she helped her husband, an Actors Equity Association member, present plays and was the treasurer for the American clubs.
For example, individual members of the Actors Equity Association, and the theatres that employ them, don't have to generate contract language for their projects; the AEA provides that service.
He also reviews the actors strike of 1919, the tension between the labor movement and the Actors Equity Association over the expectations placed on workers, the AEA's move to discipline "immoral" actors.
The Actors Equity Association (AEA) covers dancers in Broadway, some off-Broadway shows and Equity-based regional theaters.