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Synonyms for actor



Synonyms for actor

a theatrical performer

one who participates

Synonyms for actor

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For Prynne one of the great horrors of the stage was the introduction of actresses from France by Henrietta Maria, to take the place of young [84] male actors of whom Dr.
Oliver Cromwell, though he despised the stage, could condescend to laugh at, and with, men of less dignity than actors.
Doran gives some curious instances from later actors.
Should we really care for the greatest actors of the past could we have them before us?
If not the greatest actor of his day, Kynaston was the greatest of the 'boy-actresses.
The mingling of the public with the players was a practice which so annoyed the haughty French actor, Baron, that to suggest to the audience the absurdity of it, he would turn his back on them for a whole act, and play to the audience on the stage.
The actors were sometimes strolling companies of players, who might be minstrels 'or rustics, and were sometimes also retainers of the great nobles, allowed to practice their dramatic ability on tours about the country when they were not needed for their masters' entertainment.
Bruno, the big actor, was so babyish that it was easy to send him off in brute sulks, banging the door.
Father Brown instantly ran across to him, taking no notice of Cutler and the colossal actor, though the room already rang with their blows and they began to struggle for the dagger.
You've done nearly everything you could do to hang yourselves, if this actor should be acquitted.
Each of the writers -- Denise Devin, Jim Eshom, John Falchi and Jordan Cole, known in the theater community as Zombie Joe -- knows which actors will be in their pieces.
Miller, founder of the Actors Center in New York, held a day-long series of panel discussions with an invited audience of Chicago actors at the American Theater Company in early August.
A social network is a series of choices by actors that are either positive (creating a contact) or negative (not creating a contact).
One bad actor who garners enough bad reviews to make regional or even national headlines (think about large tire fires) can cause harm to a much wider community of recyclers.