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Synonyms for theory

Synonyms for theory

abstract reasoning

a belief used as the basis for action


something taken to be true without proof

Synonyms for theory

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Activity theory has attempted to transcend the issue of dualism in such pairs as individual-society, subjectivity-objectivity, agency-structure, psychological-social (Roth & Lee, 2007; Watson & Coulter, 2008).
Punamaki (Eds.), Perspectives on activity theory, pp.
Activity theory as framework for designing constructivist learning environments.
Important to note, is the misnomer in the term Activity Theory, which is neither about understanding activities in general terms, nor is it a theory per se but rather represents an analytical lens, to examine activities of interest.
According to activity theory and many other previous researches, instructor support is an important factor during learning.
This study is framed within Social-Cultural Activity Theory (Kaptelinin & Nardi, 2006; Kaptelinin, 2013; Roth, 2009; Engestrom, 1987; Wertsch, 1991).
Bringing together large numbers of young drinkers could lead to increased property damage, as explained by routine activity theory of general deviance (RATGD), an extension of routine activity theory proposed by Osgood et al.
Cultural-historical activity theory (CHAT), which originated from activity theory, addresses the long-standing tension between the individual and society through developing the activity system as the unit of analysis (Roth & Lee, 2007).
Para a coleta dos artigos, e suas respectivas representacoes graficas, foi realizada uma busca no Portal de Periodicos da CAPES utilizando a palavra-chave "activity theory".
In his extraordinary book, Network, Clay Spinuzzi places activity theory and actor-network theory (ANT) in "sustained contact" in order to develop the former "in a useful manner" (29).
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