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a defensive missile designed to shoot down incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles

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FullMetrics is offering Hyperion's Activity Based Management (ABM) and Performance Measurement analytical software packages.
The Oracle SEM suite includes Activity Based Management, Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Formulation and Value Based Management.
NetProphet will be renamed Hyperion Activity Based Management while NetScore will be renamed Hyperion Performance Management.
The new financial management technology solutions must integrate these operational measures and ABC into a complete costing model referred to as activity based management (ABM).
Looking toward the time when ABC gives rise to activity based management (ABM), a more complex extension of ABC that moves from analysis to operational execution, Jack Haedicke, vice president, activity based management, Kraft General Foods, says, "You [as a distributor] have to start with the costing activities--without question.
Contract GIS display and event capable of handling call answering application systems design and implementation, as well as central information elements related call reception centers to transport (switchboard, servers, databases), installation of Szombathely and Miskolc, and within the system, and emergency services in Hungary (police, seeks to achieve data exchange between middleware-based disaster management and emergency room) activity based management systems.