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Even in New Jersey, where judges are appointed, judicial independence has become an issue above and beyond isolated incidents and rhetoric about activist judges.
But now, in forums ranging from online blogs to classrooms, there are discussions about what it means to be an activist judge or a textualist.
The opponents of an independent judiciary have come up with simple concepts that resonate with a segment of the population, including slippery-slope, activist judges, and legislating from the bench.
Thus, liberal, activist judges are frequently derided as "legislating from the bench.
Waldron also notes that activist judges are capable of doing as much good as harm.
The NRA will work to ensure this constitutional victory is not transformed into a practical defeat by activist judges, defiant city councils, or cynical politicians who seek to pervert, reverse, or nullify the Supreme Court's McDonald decision through Byzantine labyrinths of restrictions and regulations that render the Second Amendment inaccessible, unaffordable, or otherwise impossible to experience in a practical, reasonable way," said National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre in a release on the decision.
With the rapid increase of activist judges with a proclivity to elitist social engineering we will soon be seeing countless forms of sexually bonded groups that are not only unstable but seriously harmful to children.
With the rapid increase of activist judges with a proclivity to elitist social engineering, we will soon be seeing countless forms of sexually bonded groups that, in my opinion, are unstable and harmful to children.
This ruling could set the stage for a clash of constitutional dimensions between activist judges seeking to, in essence, establish a government religion, and those who seek to preserve the right of free expression of one's religion as protected by the First Amendment to the U.
According to Viguerie, McCain spent too much time talking about himself, his record, and service to the country and not enough about what a victory by liberal Democrats would mean in terms of weaker defense, activist judges, higher taxes, and what he perceives will be a greater government burden on average Americans.
If it fails, opponents of same-sex marriage will no longer be able to say that activist judges have imposed their mores on an unwilling Californian public.
She addresses with extreme clarity our big government, our elitist liberal media, our vanishing patriotism, our complacency, our border debacle, our "pornified culture," our activist judges, our ineffective schools, our "science trumps all world view," and our inappropriate position on separation of church and state.
Activist judges should not be able to make such decisions in anonymity, and while I certainly don't move in the judicial circles of private clubs and ritzy golf courses, others may.
In every political campaign, Americans hear a constant condemnation of activist judges, as if judges, like witches on Halloween, swoop across the country at night looking for traditional values to upset.
Please note that commentators on the cable shows did not sneer endlessly that these are activist judges.