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Synonyms for vocabulary



Synonyms for vocabulary

all the words of a language

an alphabetical list of words often defined or translated

specialized expressions indigenous to a particular field, subject, trade, or subculture

Synonyms for vocabulary

a listing of the words used in some enterprise

Related Words

a language user's knowledge of words

the system of techniques or symbols serving as a means of expression (as in arts or crafts)

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--1998: 'The Development of Passive and Active Vocabulary in a Second Language'.
Oggi in Italia Leading Page Chapter title [check] [check] Synopsis of grammar Exercises of Active Vocabulary [check] [check] and/or Expressions Oral activity based on [check] Grammatical Structure Exercises of Grammatical [check] [check] [check] Structures Chapter Synthesis [check] [check] Cumulative Reading Passage [check] Cumulative Writing Activities Creative writing passages [check] [check] [check] Dialogue completion [check] Parliamo Eccoci!
Decide whether 1) you actively use it (in which case it's your active vocabulary) or 2) you know the word but don't use it (your passive vocabulary).
ViaVoice's Speak-Pad supports up to two million active vocabulary words (customizable and expandable by adding new words) and i ncludes a 280,000-word backup dictionary.
--Breakthrough in Vocabulary Size -- The active vocabulary (vocabulary stored in memory) has been doubled to over 160,000 words in Version 4 for U.S.
Enhancements in version 4.0 include an increased active vocabulary size, a reduced training time, speech commands for the Internet and an ability to take advantage of today's high-end processors, such as the Intel Pentium III and the AMD Athlon.
Some people will have been surprised to learn that behavioural scientists in California have succeeded in teaching a chimpanzee how to speak English (although so far the monkey's active vocabulary of about 3,000 words only just beats that of the average Sun reader, so perhaps we shouldn't get too excited just yet).
Other enhancements include new Natural Language Commands, which allow users to edit and format documents by speaking commands in a more natural way; an enlarged active vocabulary; and Dragon NaturallyMobile software, which makes it easy to create documents using a hand-held recorder.