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Synonyms for vocabulary



Synonyms for vocabulary

all the words of a language

an alphabetical list of words often defined or translated

specialized expressions indigenous to a particular field, subject, trade, or subculture

Synonyms for vocabulary

a listing of the words used in some enterprise

Related Words

a language user's knowledge of words

the system of techniques or symbols serving as a means of expression (as in arts or crafts)

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1998), 'The Development of Passive and Active Vocabulary in a Second Language: Same or Different?
Oggi in Italia Leading Page Chapter title [check] [check] Synopsis of grammar Exercises of Active Vocabulary [check] [check] and/or Expressions Oral activity based on [check] Grammatical Structure Exercises of Grammatical [check] [check] [check] Structures Chapter Synthesis [check] [check] Cumulative Reading Passage [check] Cumulative Writing Activities Creative writing passages [check] [check] [check] Dialogue completion [check] Parliamo Eccoci
Breakthrough in Vocabulary Size -- The active vocabulary (vocabulary stored in memory) has been doubled to over 160,000 words in Version 4 for U.
Some people will have been surprised to learn that behavioural scientists in California have succeeded in teaching a chimpanzee how to speak English (although so far the monkey's active vocabulary of about 3,000 words only just beats that of the average Sun reader, so perhaps we shouldn't get too excited just yet).
The program works in all applications with a 30,000-word active vocabulary and 95% accuracy.
VoicePro has a 60,000 word active vocabulary which can be customized with thousands of user-specific terms.
It is speaker dependent, requires discrete speech, and currently has an active vocabulary of up to 60,000 words.
It will come with a 30,000-word active vocabulary in RAM and a 100,000-word dictionary on hard disk.
The US system even allows users to enter the street name first, which means that in a state like California, it has over 200,000 street names in its active vocabulary.
The evidence indicates that active vocabulary is acquired at a slower rate than passive vocabulary, as well as to a smaller extent (Laufer and Paribakht 1998; Schmitt 2008: 335).
I bought it in the airport years ago, imagining that on the flight over the Atlantic, IAEd pick up an active vocabulary of maybe four hundred words or so, and be able to converse with cabdrivers and hotel clerks about the weather or the arrival of trains or location of suitcases, and so forth.