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an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

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The intensive sampling of actinic flux, ozone, water vapor, and other active species will allow constrained photochemical calculation of hydroxyl radical over the TWP, which will lead to a better understanding of the processes that control atmospheric oxidation capacity in the tropical western Pacific.
This leads to the formation of active species, such as atomic oxygen, ozone, and free radicals--hydroxyl, superoxide and nitrogen oxides.
During this process a variety of chemically active species called Tree radicals' are generated.
During this process, a variety of chemically active species, called free radicals, are generated.
The remarkable features of cold plasma such as low temperature, presence of energetic & chemically active species and high chemical selectivity, which are not attainable by other competing methods, make cold plasma well-suited in these fields.
Calico bass seem to be the most active species, LeClaire said.
This is an unusually large and active species of Pheidole that attracts the attention of entomologists, so its spread has not gone unnoticed.
Steady state: we assume that comonomer does not affect the value of deactivation rate constant and reactivation rate constant of active species, and the parameters [k.
During plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), the active species in the plasma react with themselves as well as with the surface to form a thin film coating.
These seemingly insignificant observations are actually vital because recent work indicates that SCMC functions as a free radical scavenger (7) and that, in this respect, the sulfide (parent compound) is the active species and the sulfoxide metabolites (already oxidized) are inactive.
The system is also capable of simultaneously introducing gaseous precursors into the plasma region where activation creates a high concentration of free radicals and other active species on the substrate surface.
For example, vanadium components combined with ethylaluminum sesquichloride (SESQUI) exhibit kinetics typical of a single active species, resulting in narrow compositional and molecular weight distribution.
In fact, radar may be the only cost-effective way to obtain initial information on the distribution and abundance of nocturnally active species that breed in inaccessible locations.
Recovering cyanide from pregnant solutions prior to a CIP circuit has been shown to increase gold recovery by reducing competition among active species for carbon adsorption sites.
As you go up in frequency, you're able to create more of a plasma with more active species," says Wayne Landman, sales director of GaSonics/IPC, whose equipment uses either radio-frequency (RF) or microwaves.