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Synonyms for runway

a bar or pair of parallel bars of rolled steel making the railway along which railroad cars or other vehicles can roll

a chute down which logs can slide

a narrow platform extending from the stage into the audience in a theater or nightclub etc

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a strip of level paved surface where planes can take off and land

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"They will have to find out whether the light aircraft pilot disobeyed instructions, was given the wrong clearance, or mistakenly did the wrong thing in crossing the active runway."
Another problem, says Hall, is that too often it takes an accident to spur the FAA to fix problems: As early as the 1970s, safety critics began urging the FAA to do something about the problem of "runway incursions," accidents caused when a plane, or even a service vehicle, wanders onto an active runway. One report counted 1,210 near-collisions on runways between May 1978 and September 1983.
simply say, "Active Runway." Pilots in the pattern know what runway they're using.
Controllers changed the active runway to 27R and vectored the flight for a practice ILS to it.
This includes taxiways you expect to use based on the prevailing wind and active runway, special clearances and notes which apply to your specific aircraft, and being prepared to adapt effectively when things change.
Marks immediately recognized the problem, released brake pressure, finessed the aircraft away from the runway edge, and managed to stop clear of the active runway. His decisive actions prevented a tire blowout and subsequent damage to his aircraft; and ensured the active runway remained open for use by numerous airborne aircraft during critical combat operations.
Earlier in March this year, a 16-year-old runaway boy had scaled the airport wall and took an unchallenged half-hour morning jog along an active runway inside the IGI Airport.
The 287-room hotel - one of 12 built or planned next to India's busiest airport at a total cost of more than USD$2 billion - has been unable to open as it awaits security clearance from police worried about its proximity to an active runway. The cluster of hotels known as Aerocity, on a site bigger than 40 football fields, was approved by the government six years ago.
"We lived next to an active runway, so you would hear very large aircraft coming up and down and sometimes a couple of things would fall off and bounce around," explains the actor, who celebrated his 51st birthday last Sunday.
Hornet departed paved surface while clearing active runway.
The company said that the main landing gear of Air Canada Jazz Flight AC8911, which arrived from Moncton carrying 37 passengers and three crew, buckled while moving from the active runway onto the taxiway.
In one of those letters, FAA District Supervisor William Watson wrote Humble March 7 that there are no federal rules against pedestrians crossing an active runway and runway safety area at an airport such as Creswell's with no traffic control tower.
Without an active tower there is no designated active runway. It's up to each pilot--not ATC--to choose a particular piece of concrete.
Completing the boldface and starting to execute follow on procedures per NATOPS, he began navigating to intercept a straight-in landing profile for the active runway at El Centro.
The 16- year- old boy had scaled the airport perimeter wall and had started running on an active runway for about 30 minutes before he was spotted.
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