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Synonyms for runway

a bar or pair of parallel bars of rolled steel making the railway along which railroad cars or other vehicles can roll

a chute down which logs can slide

a narrow platform extending from the stage into the audience in a theater or nightclub etc

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a strip of level paved surface where planes can take off and land

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They will have to find out whether the light aircraft pilot disobeyed instructions, was given the wrong clearance, or mistakenly did the wrong thing in crossing the active runway.
The 287-room hotel - one of 12 built or planned next to India's busiest airport at a total cost of more than USD$2 billion - has been unable to open as it awaits security clearance from police worried about its proximity to an active runway.
Hornet departed paved surface while clearing active runway.
The company said that the main landing gear of Air Canada Jazz Flight AC8911, which arrived from Moncton carrying 37 passengers and three crew, buckled while moving from the active runway onto the taxiway.
A small airplane narrowly missed colliding with a speeding jumbo jet at Los Angeles International Airport this week after a series of blunders took it dangerously close to an active runway.
In one of those letters, FAA District Supervisor William Watson wrote Humble March 7 that there are no federal rules against pedestrians crossing an active runway and runway safety area at an airport such as Creswell's with no traffic control tower.
Wait until you have exited the active runway and you are sure of your taxi clearance prior to beginning an after-landing checklist.
The 16- year- old boy had scaled the airport perimeter wall and had started running on an active runway for about 30 minutes before he was spotted.
After landing on runway 4R, surf 14 was instructed to vacate the active runway at taxiway kilo and hold short of runway 8L.
Named Apollo, the unit provides a unidirectional flashing light to indicate crossing points, reducing the possibility of runway incursions by warning pilots or drivers of ground vehicles that they are approaching an active runway.
TSgt Jones radioed for Hawk Eye, the UAV chase vehicle, not to release the aircraft for flight or allow it to enter the active runway because of a possible hydraulic leak from the Right Main Landing Gear Brake System.
This initiative includes trials of towing aircraft to "starting grids" close to the active runway to start engines preflight.
It was then we learned that, because we were crossing the active runway and it was getting dark, we would need to use the anti-collision lights.
Experienced pilots have mistaken a taxiway for an active runway at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport eight times since 1999.
But she said she also has witnessed, or received complaints about, sky divers jumping through clouds, flying their parachutes too low over an active runway, walking across the runway in front of aircraft - even of a sky diver deliberately swooping between airport buildings.
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