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air defense by the use aircraft or missiles or artillery or electronic countermeasures

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He further explained that the enemies are seeking to lay the ground to gain other countries' cooperation with their plans through waging a media warfare, adding the active defense diplomacy can defeat majority of those psychological warfare.
Cyber experts warn that active defense is a slippery slope.
(2) Alexander Chieh-Cheng Huang, "The Chinese Navy's Offshore Active Defense Strategy", Naval War College Review 47, no.
Queiroz tried the same active defense four years ago in the last World Cup against Argentina.
He shows how an active defense policy can work and that it really is the most viable option.
The resulting active defense doctrine of the mid-1980s extended the PLAN's mission to one of active defense of the near seas.
Although different communities within the service focus on various approaches for a cyber defense framework, the best way to assure the Air Force's core missions is through a combination of defense in depth, resiliency, and active defense. Each approach is necessary, none is sufficient, and the service should combine them into a coherent whole for maximum effectiveness.
The notion of active defense went against the grain of the IDF's culture and ethos of relying of offensive war-waging strategies.
Alongside ICS515: ICS Active Defense and Incident Response,
Coping with this new environment will require the joint force to implement five broad strategies: suppression, active defense, dislocation, dispersion, and redundancy.
Sharman examines the geography, history, and strategic focus of near seas active defense, which is China's current maritime strategy.
Establishing active defense stances starts with performing a meaningful assessment of current security postures as a base line -- credit unions need to scrutinize their existing protection and threat identification capabilities, experts said.
Following the lengthy process that led to reach the required level of safety, ADS GmbH is now producing its Active Defense System and deliveries to the launch customer have already started.
He told a youth rally there, "To choose nonviolence means to make a courageous choice in love, a choice which includes the active defense of human rights and a firm commitment to justice and ordered development."
The NSA calls the effort an ''active defense'' and has used the technology to monitor units of China's army, the Russian military, drug cartels, trade institutions inside the European Union, and sometime U.S.
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