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powdered or granular carbon used for purifying by adsorption

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Two of the active coal plants were in Cebu province - Sangi village in Toledo City and the town of Naga, according to the Greenpeace website.
It was found out that on the 15th day after administering the active coal feed additive in groups where the dose was 200, 400 and 800 g per ton of feed, hens' clinical condition improved significantly.
"For this reason, it is not possible to know how many active coal mines there are in the country or if those mines are operating in accordance with safety regulations," said the report.
Active coal mining is held at Kara-Keche coal field in Jumgal district of Naryn region.
Five tenders for conducting the (a) annual maintenance of telephone exchanges in the company during FY 2013/ 2014, (b) supply of stationery & office requisites, (c) supply of printing paper, (d) supply of pre-printed formats, also (e) active coal. Ref.
The institute reported Virginia's regulatory agencies currently regulate 247 active coal mines and 455 nonfuel mineral mines throughout the state, where they manage many of the same public health, worker safety, and environmental risks posed by uranium mining, including radon.
Samples were taken from the first stream-near an active coal mining area, second one near an abandoned coal mining area (abandoned for five to seven years), while the third stream is located in a coal storage area where huge lump of coal is stored on the roadside.
The powder active coal is necessary to dose correct in the optimization process of the coagulation--flocculation, because of the pesticides presence in water.
There are 36 active coal fires in Pennsylvania, and most have been burning about 40 years or so.
With the reduced suction, the active coal also was staying in the system longer, and the percentage of sand on the 140 screen increased (this previously was evacuated to the baghouses).
A university spokes-man said: "The segment of the fossil tree is rare these days as this sort of find only usually comes from around active coal fields."
Almond went down an active coal mine in Kazakhstan and filmed workers moving through the rudimentary shafts.
The used air is cleared to more than 90% by active coal filters, and the waste water is charged only by 10% of the maximum allowances.
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