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a citizen who takes an active role in the community (as in crime prevention and neighborhood watch)

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Connecting young citizens with their communities and encouraging active citizenship is an important challenge and one I look forward to being involved in.
skills important for social inclusion, active citizenship and future employability,' the Council identifies six priority actions.
As part of Local Democracy Week, Mr Austin visited the college to promote active citizenship and participation in politics.
They and some classmates improved their knowledge of social and community issues by looking at community participation, voluntary work, active citizenship and civil, political, human and social rights.
Mr Byrne added: "This week is about active citizenship, getting people involved in community, regionally and active at a national level.
Rainhill was chosen as one of the ten because of their video about One World Day for the Active Citizenship Network.
The Birmingham Community Strategy emphasises the limitations of the public sector on its own to solve problems and improve lifestyle, while highlighting the importance of active citizenship and personal responsibility.
The awards were set up in 1997 to recognise and celebrate achievements in active citizenship by young people aged between 11 and 20.
Chaos (Camp Hill Action on Schools) is a project designed to promote active citizenship and encourage pupils to take responsibility for developing environmental initiatives to improve the local area.
Tenders are invited for providing programmes in arts and creativity, physical activity and active citizenship and lifelong learning so that all older people can have a rich and varied life in Ireland.
ISLAMABAD, February 11, 2012 (Balochistan Times): Promotion of social sciences at institutions of higher education is vital for good governance, active citizenship, rule of law and ensuring peace and tolerance in the society, Dr.
active learning for active citizenship, and beyond.
The money will be used to discourage anti-social behaviour, develop skills and promote active citizenship.
They made the film after the task was set by the active citizenship network (ACN).
One day out of their schooling at such a momentous time, to make a public statement about issues of peace and war, is part of active citizenship which we all support.
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