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a citizen who takes an active role in the community (as in crime prevention and neighborhood watch)

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One of two different understandings of active citizenship generally underpin an active citizenship education program: a communitarian notion of citizenship or a civic republicanism notion of citizenship (Annette, 2009, p.
Let us keep both alive by turning those machinations into a catalyst to revive active citizenship.
Active citizenship implies pro-active engagement at all levels - by public officials, by principals and teachers (and their unions), by parents and communities.
There is need for an active citizenship that rests on equality for all, she highlighted.
The aim of the project is to create a space for discussion and learning among citizens from different socio-cultural environments and from different countries of Europe, promote active citizenship and co-creation of policies and services in local societies, as well as to increase the capacity of local institutions.
The key to enforcing this accountability is active citizenship. Taught in schools around the world, from Canada to the United Kingdom, active citizenship means political participation at every level.
The participants of the Active Citizenship Programme expressing their views told that this event had provided them with a tremendous opportunity in exploring their potentials and using their capabilities towards making the teaching method an interesting exercise, especially in the interest of students during the entire process of learning.
He and others spoke of the importance of the social cohesion created by willing and active citizenship, which gives the UAE an important strategic advantage at a time of great turmoil as some other nations in the region are collapsing and are in chaos.
New Delhi, Feb.9 ( ANI ): Around 2000 runners including specially-abled and active citizens, sportspersons and social media assembled at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium here on Sunday to run together to promote the value of inclusion and spirit of active citizenship.
About Adelphi University: Adelphi is a world class, modern university with excellent and highly relevant programs where students prepare for lives of active citizenship and professional careers.
Launching the fourth of a series of discussion papers, titled "Towards Democratic Empowerment and Active Citizenship", the Jordanian Monarch laid out his vision for the process of democratization and reform and how active citizenship can guide the way for Jordan's future.
Among his topics are studying education policy, imagining the new citizen, teaching and learning citizenship, rights and responsibilities, community and diversity, and active citizenship. Bloomsbury Academic is an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing.
The Institute of Welsh Affairs - Wale's leading think tank has teamed up with the Western Mail to launch the IWA Inspire Wales Awards to further raise the profile of the contribution that Welsh men and women are making to our society, to encourage active citizenship and create role models for others.
The awards are open to every man and woman living in Wales who makes a contribution to society and encourages active citizenship. The 11 awards categories honour a broad range of society, including business leaders, educators, environmentalists and those working in the arts and culture, as well as in science and technology.
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