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a digital display that uses liquid crystal cells that change reflectivity in an applied electric field

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Instead of placing circuit complexity on the glass, Active Addressing places it in silicon, where it can be manufactured with much greater ease.
in applying Active Addressing technology to STN notebook computers and smaller displays, the desktop display market appears to be emerging as a major Active Addressing field.
Motif plans to continue establishing its Active Addressing technology in the marketplace through alliances with its LCD panel partners by selling AAICs to these panel partners who, in turn, will use them to build Active Addressing LCDs for commercial markets.
Motif, a joint venture between Motorola and In Focus Systems, will continue to establish its Active Addressing technology in the marketplace through its panel partner alliances.
This alliance with Kyocera, which is the fourth that we have announced, rounds out the key passive matrix manufacturers that we have targeted to help commercialize Active Addressing LCD technology.
Optrex's strength and experience in fast passive matrix (STN) LCDs will help Motif to establish Active Addressing LCDs as an affordable alternative to Active Matrix LCDs.
Active Addressing is a new method of driving LCD pixels that combines the low-cost manufacturing benefits of passive matrix LCDs with the full-motion video of active matrix LCDs.
The timing of these additional investments is being dictated by both the need to cover on-going operating expenses and by the fast emerging low-end market demand for Motif's Active Addressing technology.
This alliance with Sanyo represents a key milestone for Motif in the broad commercialization of Active Addressing," said Paul Gulick, co-CEO and chief technology officer at Motif.
The company, which was jointly formed one year ago by Motorola and In Focus Systems, will deliver Active Addressing LCDs to the global flat- panel industry at a time when today's $4.
Developed by In Focus Systems, Active Addressing will allow low-cost passive matrix LCDs to achieve full-motion video speed.
The design of the ASIC for Active Addressing is on schedule for prototypes by year-end and volume production in the first half of 1994.
Motif's charter is to design and distribute integrated circuits embodying the new Active Addressing technology which will be manufactured by Motorola, and to become the first volume manufacturer of passive matrix LCDs in the United States.
The Active Addressing ASICs will be manufactured by Motorola.
Motif will manufacture high-resolution, low-cost, small-format liquid crystal displays using In Focus' Active Addressing technology, with availability expected by early 1994.