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The app allows users to: monitor the Active Directory Forest for potential security breaches and non-compliant usage patterns; audit changes to group policies, user, group and computer objects in real time; view detailed topology statistics on all the objects within the Active Directory; and assess the operational health of Active Directory across site and domain boundaries.
The configuration parameters of Microsoft Active Directory are critical for providing effective business service.
Ease of extending Active Directory across heterogeneous enterprises
Active Directory is a distributed, peer-to-peer system with a great deal of redundancy and represents, among other things, Microsoft's response to the threat of the Novell Directory Service (NDS), which has a considerable lead in development time and installed base over Active Directory.
FastLane Migrator completely automates Active Directory migrations and works seamlessly with FastLane ActiveRoles.
They have chosen the strength and security that Active Directory provides to manage their digital identities, and Quest helps simplify this management in an automated, more secure way.
0 makes it easy for administrators to preserve pre-existing security identities by grouping Linux and UNIX systems within Active Directory and define multiple UIDs and GIDs as well as Network Information Service (NIS) mapping to support legacy directory migration.
Now that Active Directory and other LDAP directories can be utilized for Notes single sign-on and password management, end-users and administrators no longer need to concern themselves with the Notes ID file password and the task of recovering it when lost or forgotten.
The thrust of our strategy is to allow organizations to take enterprise applications with unique password stores and redirect the authentication and password management for these applications to a central LDAP directory such as Microsoft Active Directory," said Thomas Hoey, president and CEO, PistolStar, Inc.
Quest Leads the Way in Management Solutions for Active Directory Application Mode
an authority in password management and Microsoft Active Directory integration, today introduces the Password Power Portal Plug-In, the latest addition to Password Power 8's framework of plug-ins for optimizing authentication to various applications, such as SAP and IBM Lotus.
Army's European Command (USAREUR) has selected and deployed Quest products for migrating and managing its Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange infrastructure.
Nasdaq:QSFT) helps more than 7,000 organizations manage Microsoft Active Directory and is uniquely positioned to help IT professionals leverage their Microsoft infrastructure to simplify and solve identity management challenges.
Organizations that rely on Active Directory need a secure, efficient way to manage the full lifecycle of user access.
Quest InTrust for Active Directory allows organizations to audit, report, and alert on all domain controller activity, as well as providing detailed tracking of changes to Active Directory and Group Policy.
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