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a Northern California-based company, released their "Powered by ArcanaNetworks" Automation Platform brand along with a new Provisioneer(TM) Service Activation Framework.
The PTC also initiated efforts to standardize a mapping from OMG IDL(TM) (Interface Definition Language) to WMLscript, a scripting language based on the Wireless Markup Language, and to standardize an activation framework for persistent CORBA servers.
Voyager ORB includes a universal naming service, activation framework, publish/subscribe, and mobile agent technology.
112, where LEIF will be used to show how a complex, extensible Java application can leverage advanced JavaBeans technologies including JFC, InfoBus, BeanContext, JavaBeans Activation Framework, and Drag and Drop APIs.
True support for distributed JavaBeans(tm) events, plus a non-intrusive activation framework, enable objects to integrate with any database.