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the energy that an atomic system must acquire before a process (such as an emission or reaction) can occur

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4, we see that the values of the activation enthalpy display a strong deviation from the zero entropy line, meaning that the distribution of relaxation times is now very wide in enthalpy (or energy), as well as in entropy (or in prefactor).
16, the activation enthalpy and entropy curves exhibit a sharp rise after a decline.
The activation enthalpy reflects the heat possessed by the activated molecules of the activated complex.
Activation Enthalpy of Dislocation Migration in Aircraft (Aerospace) (2024) Alloy by Positron Spectroscopye
and the activation enthalpy [DELTA]H expressed in Eq 6 seem to be the material characteristics of the blend.
We have also extracted from TSC the distribution of the activation enthalpy.
Following the Starkweather formalism of the dynamic mechanical data (1), one can split the apparent activation energy into an activation enthalpy term [Delta][H.
It is shown that activation parameters, like the activation enthalpy and volumes, depend on these stress components only through a linear combination, or "reduced mixed stress," s = u/[Mu] = ([[Sigma].
a] is independent of the stress and the temperature, it is possible to relate the activation volume and the activation enthalpy to parameters measured by experiment (10):
where [Delta]H is the activation enthalpy, R is the gas constant and T is the absolute temperature.
The data were further analyzed by calculating the activation energy, [Delta]Ea, and the activation enthalpy, [Delta]Ha, of the [Beta] relaxation process.