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(of sewage) treated with aeration and bacteria to aid decomposition

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rendered active

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(military) set up and placed on active assignment

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Environmental and physical scientists and engineers examine the use of activated sludge for wastewater treatment and environmental protection, especially the microbial community structure and the processes that underlie activated sludge.
The present work was carried out that activated sludge process (ASP) for the treatment of settled tannery effluent and to develop general guidelines for the process design under local conditions.
Biological sludge was collected from the rubber industry of Shorubber (M) Sdn Bhd in Jejawi, Perlis which has extended aeration activated sludge plant.
They were solved by modified activated sludge system is known as SBR [9].
Protozoa and bacteria of activated sludge as a result of their vital functions perform biochemical oxidation of contaminants, followed by sorption, assimilation, and intracellular oxidation in the nitrification process.
American industrial wastewater specialists Eckenfelder, who died in 2010 while working on this book, and Cleary explain to operators, engineers, and students some recent developments in the activated sludge biological treatment of industrial wastewater.
Many studies and investigations have shown that the percentage removal of parasites egg in trickling filter, aerated lagoon, activated sludge and both stabilization ponds and artificial wetlands have respectively reached to the level of 99%, 99.
The benefits of the CFAS[R] (IFAS) include a compact design, doubling the capacity of an existing activated sludge plant.
The present study was undertaken to discover any possible effect of iron addition on the anaerobic digestion of the primary-waste activated sludge mixture and phosphorus release during the digestion of the sludge mixture.
Although, the use of pure cultures of microorganisms can be envisaged as an alternative, the activated sludge appears a more attractive solution than a single microbial species because of its various advantages.
Gokcay (1989) have reported that the substrate removal efficiency of acclimatized activated sludge process was not adversely affected by the presence of [Ni.
The facility is to use an advanced treatment process, which presently treats around 40 percent of Melbourne's sewage and is Australia's largest activated sludge plant.
Chapters are then devoted to specific categories of value-added sludge products, such as biosurfactants, bioplastics from activated sludge, bioflocculants, biopesticides, biofertilizers and bioinoculants, and production and extraction of enzymes.
Oseltamivir carboxylate (OC), Tamiflu's active metabolite, is known to withstand activated sludge treatment at sewage treatment plants (STPs), but less is known about how much OC may make its way into waterways that receive STP effluent.
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