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(of sewage) treated with aeration and bacteria to aid decomposition

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rendered active

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(military) set up and placed on active assignment

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"Different from several other global initiatives using a bottom-up approach to solicit microbial samples, the consortium used top-down sampling strategy to target the microbiomes of activated sludge processes in municipal wastewater treatment plants that represent a vital element of the infrastructure for modern urban societies.
Employing Ardern and Lockett's activated sludge process, wastewater containing organic matter Is aerated in an aeration basin, in which micro-organisms (bugs) metabolise the suspended and soluble organic matter.
In 1982, the International Water Association (IWA) created a group that worked on mathematical modeling for design and implementation of activated sludge processes.
Activated sludge processes can effectively remove biodegradable organic material by completely converting it to carbon dioxide and water.
This research symmetrically investigated the adsorption of six PAEs on activated sludge and the influencing factors to improve the removal rate.
Environmental and physical scientists and engineers examine the use of activated sludge for wastewater treatment and environmental protection, especially the microbial community structure and the processes that underlie activated sludge.
The present work was carried out that activated sludge process (ASP) for the treatment of settled tannery effluent and to develop general guidelines for the process design under local conditions.
Activated sludge system is a conventional biological method for both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plant producing excess biological floc of biomass known as waste activated sludge (WAS).
Superior advantages of sequencing batch reactors than conventional activated sludge processes are flexible operation and the fact that there is no liquid or solids recycling for the treatment of complex wastewater.
Water will be treated through the use of activated sludge and the plants will be capably of treating 95mn litres per day.
The structure and population of the community of the activated sludge adequately reflect the environmental conditions of the habitat.
Low pressure blowers are commonly used in dirty water treatment applications, which use activated sludge technologies.
Biological activated sludge process is known as the most widely used one among wastewater treatments.
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