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The Flash ActionScript method obtains a smaller application loss rate than the other two web-based measurement methods.
Since the QuickLicense runtime interface is delivered as an ActionScript code file, it can be customized and adapted if needed.
You should also be familiar with ActionScript, although the book is pretty good at guiding the reader gently through this aspect of the application.
All the data shown to the user is extracted from the xml file with "isle" function, the file will then be parsed to the data resource, and the whole data are copied to an array written in ActionScript code.
--Customize content with ActionScript, the Flash language that gives you maximum control
Using Macromedia's Flash MX and ActionScript, I developed three cost accounting modules for use in cost and managerial accounting courses.
Joey Lott's latest tome, "ActionScript Cookbook" (O'Reilly), is designed to help Flash MX developers be home in time for dinner while still impressing the powers-that-be at work with their coding prowess.
The complexity of WebGL is higher than that of Silverlight and Stage3D, both of which relying on specific and proprietary development environments and programming languages (Silverlight and ActionScript, respectively) that require an additional learning effort.
She provides conceptual background, project examples, and step-by-step instructions in discussing specific skills applied in chapter lessons on topics including distributing Flash movies, working with drawn objects and symbols, and analyzing ActionScript. The bundled CD-ROM contains the text's data files.
While the original Box2D library was in C++ it has been ported to a number of other languages including ActionScript (used in Flash) and JavaScript.