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See if you can say the same thing more clearly and vividly with action verbs.
Keep it short and tight by including action verbs and performance metrics.
Young children will love the rhyme and repetition of the action verbs (the story could easily be acted out) and the playfulness of the illustrations- look for the eyes under the troll bridge and the different shapes in the clouds.
Papers discuss unidirectionality of grammaticalization in an evolutionary perspective, grammaticalization of Korean numeral classifiers, the grammaticalization of the German preposition von as a genitive equivalent, the grammaticalization of agreement in Chibchan, a grammaticalization perspective on decay and loss of applicatives in Siouan languages, the semantic diversity of generalized action verbs, predicting future change of relative clauses of Japanese, the catalytic function of constructional restrictions in grammaticalization, grammaticalization of periphrastic constructions, grammaticalization of honorific constructions in Japanese, and other topics.
Each verb within each construction type that contained verbs was coded according to the semantic classes in Levin (1993), and then, following Snedeker and Trueswell (2004), categorized according to the broader semantic classes of (i) action verbs, (ii) light verbs, and (iii) psychological predicates and verbs of perception.
A homiletician once said that we must always ascribe the action verbs to God.
Verb types (after Derewianka, 1998) were introduced for the first time during the course of this unit, specifically action verbs (e.
Use simple, declarative sentences and action verbs.
On- line recruiters search for nouns or noun phrases that are descriptive of skills and capabilities versus the action verbs that are commonly used on traditional resumes.
No matter what the end product, the goal is the same: written pieces full of descriptive language and action verbs inspired by the outdoors.
Proost (philosophy, Institut fur Deutsch Sprach, Mannheim) concentrates on the occurrence of lexical gaps in the domain of linguistic action verbs.
Action verbs are good at the bottom of your resume, while nouns are best in your objective or summary statement.
The feast includes: statements, questions, commands and exclamations; action verbs, saying verbs, sensing verbs and coupling verbs; adverbs of place, time, extent, manner, cause, accompaniment, contingency, role, angle and matter; determiners; adjectives and adjectivals of possession, quantity, opinion, fact and classification.
In the space of the eight verses (4-12) that describe Jesus washing the disciples' feet, John attributes nine action verbs to Jesus.
When application is translated, the resulting action verbs are solve, demonstrate, operate, and use.