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the local voltage change across the cell wall as a nerve impulse is transmitted

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Resting and action potentials in single nerve fibres.
One can therefore measure and record the action potential of individual cells using a special camera.
Action potentials with amplitudes >200 [micro]V and rise times <300 [micro]s were selected for calculating the FD and jitter.
Setting the high-pass filter at 2 kHz, reduces the contribution of the low frequency components of the action potentials of more distant muscles and proximate muscle fibers and narrows the pick-up area of the CNE (2).
The model of Hodgkin-Huxley contains four nonlinear ordinary differential equations that describe the generation and propagation of action potentials.
In the evaluation of the amplitudes and latencies of sensory nerve action potentials and PCBm sensory conduction velocities according to the severity of CTS, while minimal correlation was found between CTS severity and PCBm conduction velocity (correlation coefficient of 0.
In some chronic conditions, either as a cause or a consequence of disease, firing of action potentials in certain neurons appears to be disrupted.
Measurement and Analysis of Static Magnetic Fields That Block Action Potentials in Cultured Neurons", Bioelectromagnetics, 16: 197-206.
When the myelin is not functional, action potentials slow considerably or do not propagate at all.
The saturation of endogenous buffers after repeated stimulation may also promote facilitation, the phenomenon in which impulses are more likely to generate action potentials when they closely follow a prior impulse.
The fast sodium channels are responsible for the rapid depolarization (phase 0) of fast-response cardiac action potentials.
Researchers concluded these effects might indicate an improvement in overall training stimulus, which may have been brought about by more rapid repolarization and stronger action potentials later within sets.
She discusses the basic science, including the anatomy of hearing loss, principles of electrical stimulation of the auditory system, parts and functions of a cochlear implant, past and present devices, candidacy, and signal delivery with cochlear implants; nonphysiological objective measures, including electrode impedance, electrical field potentials, and averaged electrode voltages; and physiological measures: electrically evoked stapedial reflexes, compound action potentials, auditory brainstem response, auditory middle latency response, and auditory cortical potentials.
The frequency with which action potentials are generated provides the computer key information about the direction and speed of the user's intended movement.
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