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the local voltage change across the cell wall as a nerve impulse is transmitted

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ECAP and EABR thresholds and wave eV latencies obtained in EABR thresholds Mean[+ or -]Standard ECAP EABR Deviation threshold (CU) threshold (CU) Basal electrode 171.5[+ or -]11.38 169.69[+ or -]12.17 Medial electrode 169.69[+ or -]20.32 165.62[+ or -]16.41 Apical electrode 160.81[+ or -]20.03 160[+ or -]15.49 Mean[+ or -]Standard Wave eV latency at Deviation threshold (msec) Basal electrode 4.88[+ or -]0.4 Medial electrode 4.58[+ or -]0.32 Apical electrode 4.53[+ or -]0.35 ECAP: electrically compound action potentials; EABR: electrically evoked auditory brainstem response; CU: current unit; msec: millisecond Table 2.
Action potentials are not elicited by "synaptic democracy, " whereby all synapses of a neuron have the same influence on the somatic membrane potential.
These patients should not be considered for the deceased organ donation, as the neurons are still generating action potentials, conducting electrical impulses and cells are producing ATP to keep the body alive.
Part of the fitting procedure involves objective measures, such as electrically evoked compound action potentials (eCAP) or evoked auditory brainstem responses (eABR).
Despite the apparent importance of action potentials, for years researchers believed that C.
The motor action potential amplitude of median nerve in the controls was 9.92 [+ or -] 1.97 and that of the cases was 7.42 [+ or -] 2.14.
The HH model is a benchmark for action potential models, but further studies have improved it considerably by explaining the ion pumps in more details [32-34].
In the article titled "Mechanism of Restoration of Forelimb Motor Function after Cervical Spinal Cord Hemisection in Rats: Electrophysiological Verification" [1], there were errors in the compound muscle action potential (CMAP) results reported in the Rats for Hemisection section, Table 1, and Figure 9, as follows:
The SAN generates action potentials automatically, and the cells of the SAN appear to have two separate but closely communicating mechanisms (often referred to as "clocks").
Dexmedetomidine Inhibits Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Currents ([I.sub.Na]) and Action Potentials (APs) in Small-Sized TG Neurons.
Geiger, "Energy-efficient action potentials in hippocampal mossy fibers," Science, vol.
reported that 95% of the cardiomyocytes from differentiating hESCs after treatment with Noggin and retinoic acid (RA) had atrial-like action potentials [51].
Figure 6 compares the normal and abnormal epicardium action potentials, showing k, [h.sub.L], and [H.sub.R] have influences on epicardium action potential forms.
On the other hand, the cells which form the various structures of the heart, such as the atria, the chambers or the sinus node (i.e., the "pacemaker" of the heart) differ significantly from each other, for example in their action potentials.
Signals recorded with CN electrodes, even if visibly indistinguishable from single-fiber action potentials, may actually be composed of synchronized and near-simultaneous action potentials from more than one muscle fiber ; thus, CN electrodes cannot be used to measure FD as it is defined in SFEMG because of the larger uptake radius.[sup][2],[16] We are interested in whether we can use the SFEMG program and CN electrode rather than SFN electrode to study neuromuscular junction transmission failure and reinnervation in ALS.
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