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Second, females were more likely to reference an Action Verb (p=0.01).
The important role of BG in motor control, habit acquisition, and initiation of movement suggests that the BG-thalamocortical loop is one of the neuronal mechanisms that assist the initiation of motor representation underlying semantic integration and action verb processing.
Saxe, "Typical neural representations of action verbs develop without vision," Cerebral Cortex, vol.
Therefore, there were four experimental conditions, with 30 words each: action verbs, action nouns, non-action verbs and non-action nouns.
While nouns and action verbs tend to be recognized fairly easily, linking and helping verbs seem to fade into the background.
Descriptive action verbs (DAVs) are located at the most concrete pole of the continuum.
This metaphor allows us to treat verbs like laugh, stare, smile, talk, and others as if they were verbs like strike, hit, or kick, which are effectual action verbs. Once re-construed in this way, the verb laugh can be built into the caused-motion construction.
Each task has an action verb and at least one object, or target.
Ikegami (1985) also provides a contrastive investigation of a number of English and corresponding Japanese "goal-directed" action verbs defined as verbs which contain two subevents, i.e., an action and a goal, bearing a relation to each other in such a way that the former is directed to the latter.
I asked my students to write a few complete sentences using an action verb describing their person's action.
Painting is clearly an action verb in Lavadour's vocabulary, and I would love to see him at work; it must be like sitting next to a West Coast Jackson Pollock, a kinetic artist whose drips and splashes are grounded in the land.
other linguistic features, (6) the action verb talked.
Convince is not an action verb. It talks about a state mind.
Based on these considerations, a skill in terms of extended Knowledge Space Theory may be identified with a pair consisting of a concept and an action verb (e.g.