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any bacteria (some of which are pathogenic for humans and animals) belonging to the order Actinomycetales

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Bacteria, actinomycetes and fungi that could be cultured in rhizosphere soil samples were evaluated using the plate dilution method (Li et al.
bassiana (Joussier & Catroux 1976, with the exclusion of vegetable juice and oxygall), bacteria (Bunt & Rovira, 1955), fungi (Martin, 1950), and actinomycetes (Hsu & Lockwood, 1973).
The main objective of the study is to identify actinomycetes isolated from various historic and contemporary materials, including textiles, parchment and ceramics.
The plates were incubated at 28[degrees]C, the bacteria reading was performed after 24 hours, for fungi in 72 hours and for actinomycetes in 7 days.
Actinomycetes are microorganisms that are crucial in the production of metabolites, such as antibiotics, anti-tumor agents, immunosuppressive agents (or anti-rejection drugs often used by liver, kidney or heart transplant patients), and enzymes.
Indeed, preparative screening of isolated actinomycetes strains delivered bioactive compounds including actinomycin D and resistomycin from SSA 13 and MKA 17 respectively.
Isolation and screening of antibiotic producing actinomycetes from soils in Gondar town, North West Ethiopia.
To test the analytical specificities and the sensitivities of primers and probes bacteria (Table 3) were grown on COS blood agar plates (bioMerieux GmbH, Nurtingen, Germany) and incubated for 48 h at 37[degrees]C: actinomycetes under anaerobic conditions and streptococci under 5% (v/v) carbon dioxide.
are aerobic, gram positive bacteria belonging to Actinomycetes and are responsible for localized or disseminated infection in animals or humans.
Among these antagonistic microorganisms, actinomycetes are well-known and classified among the most active [2].
The profile B group was characterized by a mixed anaerobic flora composed of strict anaerobes and/or anaerobic actinomycetes and/or streptococci of the milleri group (online Technical Appendix Figure 4).
Trueperella (Arcanobacterium) pyogenes is a gram-positive opportunistic bacterium, belonging to the group of actinomycetes (QUINN et al.
Microbial population like bacteria fungi and actinomycetes were counted as per standard plate count method.
Abstract A total of fifty-one actinomycetes strains were selectively isolated on glycerol casein KNO3 agar and actinomycetes isolation agar (AIA).