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any bacteria (some of which are pathogenic for humans and animals) belonging to the order Actinomycetales

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Group 1 (buccal mucosa, keratinized gingiva, and hard palate) demonstrated a predominance of organisms from the phylum Firmicutes (with a very high proportion [approximately 50%] from the genus Streptococcus) followed in relative abundance by the phyla Proteobacteria, Bacteroidetes and either Actinobacteria or Fusobacteria
Larvicidal, repellent, and ovicidal activity of marine actinobacteria extracts against Culex tritaeniorhynchus and Culex gelidus.
The capability to grow on an N-deficient medium, positive acetylene reduction and 15N isotopic dilution assays, as well as possessing nifH gene gives strong support to the conclusion that the Actinobacteria fix atmospheric N to ammonia [27].
57%) were predominant in the gut bacteria of mice, followed by Tenericutes (3%), Actinobacteria (0.
Among their topics are cultural factors affecting heavy metal removal by actinobacteria, activating silent genes in actinobacteria by exploiting metal stress, cadmium bioremediation by a resistant Streptomyces strain, the biodegradation of pesticides by actinobacteria and their possible application in bio-bed systems, and metabolic diversity and flexibility for hydrocarbon biodegradation by Rhodococcus.
of gastric microbes from the phyla Firmicutes, Proteobacteria, Actinobacteria, and Fusobacteria as well as yeasts.
In another study, TLR2-deficient mice developed obesity, insulin resistance, and glucose intolerance, and the gut microbiomes of TLR2-deficient mice had a greater abundance of Firmicutes and fewer Actinobacteria of the genus Bifidobacterium (64).
Regarding the changes in soil moisture as well as soil C and N content, the mostly reduced microbial population in the burned stands could be soil micromycetes, thus soil bacteria and actinobacteria, in contrast, could be the most abundant in the burned stands (Klopatek et al.
Tropheryma whipplei Twist: a human pathogenic Actinobacteria with a reduced genome.
In the new study, a diet supplemented by sterculic oil also correlated with lower levels of three types of gut microbiota - Actinobacteria, Bacilli and Erysipelotrichia - in the obese mice.
We found strains from four major bacterial groups: the Alphaproteobacteria, the Gammaproteobacteria, the Firmicutes, Marine Bacterial Diversity 281 and the Actinobacteria (Figure 1).
Janssen PH, Yates PS, Grinton BE, Taylor PM, Sait M (2002) Improved culturability of soil bacteria and isolation in pure culture of novel members of the divisions Acidobaeteria, Actinobacteria, Proteobacteria and Verrucomicrobia.
To this end, it is focussed on Antarctic Actinobacteria (widely distributed, thread-like bacteria that produce spores) as they are the source of many existing pharmaceuticals.
The topics include the taxonomic study of antibiotic-producing marine Actinobacteria, marine Cyanobacteria as a prolific source of bioactive natural products, marine bacteriophages for the biocontrol of fish and shellfish diseases, anti-cancer potentials of marine-derived fungal metabolites, sponges as a reservoir for bioactive metabolites derived from microorganisms, and biomedical applications of mycosporine-like amino acids.
In the new study, the team isolated more than 500 Actinobacteria strains from structural material in five termite nests.