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3910) 6/1/97 Saurauia montana Seem (9818) Actinidiaceae 6/1/97 Saurauia montana Actinidiaceae 5/31/98 Senecio sp.
Actinidiaceae [237], Apocynaceae [1, 233], Araceae [262],
Actinidiaceae [237], Amaryllidaceae [6, 63], Annonaceae [111],
Actinidiaceae [237], Alliaceae [193], Amaryllidaceae [6, 21,
DC [5] Valeriana officinalis [33, 37] ERICALES Actinidiaceae Actinidia chinensis Planch.
united with Saurauiaceae, the name Actinidiaceae must be used.
In comparison, Paracryphiaceae were shown to share ten characters with Theaceae (but only six of them present in most members of the family), 13 characters with Actinidiaceae (seven of them present in most members), 11 characters with Ericaceae (seven of them present in most members), and 14 characters with Aquifoliaceae (seven of them present in most members).
In his conclusion, however, Dickison modestly admitted that he continued to be perplexed by Oncotheca's pentalacunar nodes and questioned whether Oncothecaceae might be related to Paracryphiaceae, Actinidiaceae, or Sphenostemonaceae (keep in mind that his 1977 study on Paracryphiaceae was completed a year after his first study on Oncothecaceae).
However, Dickison and Baas (1977) found similarities with Sphenostemonaceae, Actinidiaceae, and Theaceae, and Schmid (1978) found affinities with Actinidiaceae; Hufford (1992) placed the family as sister to Dilleniaceae and Theaceae.
Actinidiaceae, Davidiaceac, and Paracryphiaceae: Systematic considerations.
Pollen morphology of the Dilleniaceae and Actinidiaceae.
Cyrillaceae and Clethraceae were included in Cronquist's (1981) order Ericales; in addition, Takhtajan (1997) placed Actinidiaceae in Ericales, and subsequent morphological and molecular phylogenetic studies have included representatives of Actinidiaceae, Glethraceae, and Cyrillaceae.
Appendix 1 Species Sampled in the Molecular Systematic Study of Ericaceae Family or Species subfamily Outgroups Actinidia chinensis Planchon Actinidiaceae Clethra alnifolia L.