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Composition, biometry and statistical relationships between the cnidom and body size in the sea anemone Oulactis mus cosa (Cnidaria: Actiniaria).
Basilar musculature, for instance, has been traditionally employed on taxonomic keys (Stephenson, 1935; Carlgren, 1949) to distinguish large groups within Actiniaria. Certain muscles such as the sphincter not only vary in shape and degree of development, but also in the tissue derivation (endodermal or mesogleal), which, until today, has been particularly useful to define families.
Ontogenetic influences on carbon flux in Aulactinia stelloides polyps (Anthozoa: Actiniaria) and their endosymbiotic algae.
Sea anemones are polyp animals of Actiniaria, an order of skeletonless Anthozoa.
AND JORGE SOBERON, Latitudinal diversity of sea anemones (Cnidaria: Actiniaria. 89
X Native Hincks, 1880 Bryozoa Stenolaemata Cyclostomata Crisiidae Crisia X X X Native Johnston, pseudosolena 1838 (Marcus, 1937) Cnidaria Anthozoa Hexacorallia Actiniaria Actiniidae Bunodosoma X X Native Gosse 1858 caissarum Correa in Belem, 1987 Cnidaria Anthozoa Hexacorallia Scleractinia Rhizangiidae Astrangia sp.
We assessed global latitudinal distribution in species of sea anemones, which constitute the exclusively marine order Actiniaria (phylum Cnidaria).
The complement of cnidae distinguishes the anthozoan subclasses Hexacorallia and Octocorallia (reviewed in Daly et al., 2003), and morphology of the nematocyst capsule provides the only morphological evidence for monophyly of the hexacorallian order Actiniaria (Reft and Daly, 2012).
reynaudi (Milne-Edwards, 1857) (Actiniaria: Actiniidae): relationships between sea anemones and their prey.
the valid name of a common North Pacific sea anemone (Cnidaria: Actiniaria: Acontiaria).
Embryonic and larval development in the Actiniaria are diverse, often being influenced by the yolk content of the eggs, which varies among species (Uchida and Yamada, 1968; Mergner, 1971; Campbell, 1974; Spaulding, 1974; Conn, 1991).
Sea anemones (order Actiniaria) make good subjects for a scaling study for four reasons.
Metridium farcimen, the valid name of a common North Pacific sea anemone (Cnidaria: Actiniaria: Acontiaria).