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an acting technique introduced by Stanislavsky in which the actor recalls emotions or reactions from his or her own life and uses them to identify with the character being portrayed

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Sarah realizes her singing training thus far is strong and specific, but her high school acting has been limited and presentational, and while she's a natural "mover," she wants more acting technique and dance training.
I followed in their footsteps and became an expert in Michael Chekhov's acting technique, which among other things teaches students to become aware that sounds deeply affect their bodies.
Actor Todd Johnson will introduce the acting technique to middle and high school students, 4-5 p.
Hoffman radiates so much acting technique that he's a bit miscast as the guiltily cringing molester: you keep expecting the expert thespian to turn on his reality distortion field and bluff his way out of the jam his character is in, but he never does.
Method acting is an acting technique in which actors try to replicate real life emotional conditions under which the character operates, in an effort to create a life-like, realistic performance.
Before writing his opus manual on acting technique, Stanislavski wrote an autobiography he hoped would detail his life and philosophy--but his publisher insisted on many cuts and changes to its length, resulting in a diminutive version Stanislavski hated--and completely revised for a 1926 Soviet edition.
Bardem does not take his talent for granted; he continues to learn and perfect his acting technique in a three-to four-month intensive course taught by an Argentinean colleague.
To see the Shaw Brothers stock company demonstrate how an acting technique of nearly total artificiality--a technique based on rigidly defined character types and a repertoire of fixed gestures--can create as convincing an illusion as supposedly more naturalistic styles would alone make these movies endlessly watchable.
And in the long passionate sequences where he misguidedly swears his intention to marry the besotted Giselle, he links a fine acting technique to his dancing qualities within an emotional structure that fitted the ballet perfectly, suggesting a hopelessly destructive predicament from which neither could escape.
Give an example of an acting technique that could work in the classroom?
Campers learn about screenwriting, pre-production, acting technique, cinematography, editing and even how to market their film in the 21st century.
And she described her acting technique as 'freestyle.
So inspired is she by the actress that she tries to imitate her acting technique and apply it to her own roles.
Sometimes using an eerily animated 3D scan of Brando's head, the film allows us to hear Brando talking about his childhood and adolescence, the development of his acting technique and, particularly revealingly, his troubled and often tragic family relationships.
By technique, I mean in the specific sense of praxis-based methods that are taught, for example: acting technique, dance technique, writing style, grammar, etc.