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Darlington's acting returning officer Cath Whitehead said the decision had been taken to ensure the voters' ballots remained confidential and stressed that Mr Hodgson or other voters "have the right to challenge the outcome".
Cath Whitehead, acting returning officer for the General Election in Darlington said: We would like to issue a sincere apology to David Hodgson, the UKIP candidate, and the 89 voters at Whessoe Parish Hall who placed their votes before the error was spotted and rectified.
West Yorkshire Police and the acting returning officers for each district are committed to sharing information and records at their disposal in order to identify where suspicious activity may be taking place.
Calderdale Council's acting returning officer, Paul Sheehan, called for MPs to act to restore confidence in the system.
Unfortunately, the acting returning officer, who normally has the power to amend the register when clerical errors are discovered, is legally unable to do so within five working days of an election taking place.
Deputy acting returning officer Colin Pierce reported 'steady' voting throughout the day.
Newcastle City Council's acting returning officer, Chief Executive Barry Rowland, said: "The Government has made it very clear that it expects councils to conduct counts without any undue delay.
Acting Returning Officer Philip Robinson said an "urgent review" of electoral registration and postal voting should be carried out before the next elections in 2006.
But Sandwell's acting returning officer Nigel Summers said all the voters at the four Sandwell addresses were properly on the electoral roll.
But Colin Iverson, acting returning officer for the villages of Denton, Askwith and Middleton, said: "Really it is a matter for people leaving and entering infected premises to ensure they disinfect.
He said: "The acting returning officer from Newcastle, who is the chief executive of the city council, works with the staff in the democratic services department.
She hoped to maintain or extend her healthy majority which stood at 6,219 in 2001Deputy acting returning officer Colin Pierce and a small team set up polling stations in schools, sports halls, community centres and even portable cabins and chapel vestries.
The Council's Chief Executive Colin Moore received the writ for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, regarded as a county in electoral terms, in his role as Acting Returning Officer.
For if there's one person who's always going to be a winner at election time it'll be the acting returning officer.