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Asexual reproduction in Anthopleura elegantissima (Anthozoa: Actinaria): seasonality and extent of clones.
A survey of the Ptychodactaria, Corallimorpharia and Actinaria. K.
Los taxa que mas contribuyeron a las diferencias en abundancia entre los ensambles de invertebrados fueron: un cnidario (Actinaria indet.
Garlic sponge 0.06 Microciona prolifera Red beard sponge 0.07 Cnidaria Actinaria spp.
High levels of genetic divergence between sympatric color morphs of the littoral sea-anemona Anthopleura orientalis (Anthozoa: Actinaria).
Anthozoa is divided into two subclasses (Hexacorallia and Octocorallia), and recent molecular phylogenic analyses show that Actinaria or Zoantharia (or both) are the most ancestral group within extant Hexacorallia species (Medina et al., 2006; Brugler and France, 2007; Sinniger et al., 2007; Fukami et al., 2008: Sinniger and Pawlowski.
These represented important groups of species such as Echinoidea (Echinacea), Polychaeta, Porifera, Actinaria, and Asteroidea (Table 3).
For example, sea anemones (class Anthozoa, subclass Hexacorallia order Actinaria) belong to the same subclass as the scleractinians, the main group of reef-building corals.
Reproduction and development of Anemonia sulcata (Anthozoa, Actinaria).