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trade name for a drug containing an antihistamine and a decongestant

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He is undergoing his punishment at Dubai Central Jail after being convicted by a court of selling a bottle of Actifed Compound Linctus for Dh100.
She took a strip of Actifed tablets to school and consumed them during a break, on Monday.
Unlike regular Sudafed and such other over-the-counter cold remedies formulated with pseudoephedrine as Pfizer's Actifed and Schering-Plough Corp.
Pseudoephedrine, which is used in products such as Sudafed, Sinufed and Actifed, is a decongestant that works by shrinking vessels in the nose, lungs and other mucus membranes.
Among the everyday medicines which are no longer on the banned list are Actifed, Sudafed and Uniflu as well as some Beechams, Benylin and Nurofen products.
These include famous names Actifed, Benylin and Sudafed.
Their tooling has been used to package such well-known products as Sudafed, Actifed, and Benadryl.
La larga lista de medicamentos incluye Alka-seltzer plus, Antiflu-des M Jr, Antiflu-des M pediatrico, Antiflu-des, Antiflu-des M, Antiflu-des Jr, Antiflu-des pediatrico, Actifed, Actifed DM, Breaflu, Contact, Contact plus, Contact X, Contact-C, Coricidin expect NF, Coricidin F, Coricidin pediatrico NF, Coricidin 3S, Ciprofen, Co-tylenol, Co-tadineDesenfriol D NF, Desenfriol-ito NF, Dequin, Dimetane Ex, Dimetapp, Dimetapp Exentabs, Dimetapp infantil, Dimetapp pediatrico, Dristan triple accion, Fentox, Flustamin, Friobax, Graneodin-D, Histafen, Ipegil, Mucofenil, Nerak, Numonyl, Numonyl T, Oxigricol, Oxigricol-ex, Oxigricol Ex, Rinofren NF, Rinofren AP, Tavist D, Triaminic, Trimpatch, Vick Diatyl, Prindex, Prindex pediatrico y Panadol cold, entre otros.
R] Chlor-Trimeton D,[R] Sudafed Plus,[R] Actifed,[R] Demazine,[R] Dimetapp,[R] Drixoral,[R] or Triaminic.
The next highest was Actifed syrup at 70% sugar, followed by Fer-In-Sol syrup and Tempra syrup, both with a 60% level.
Prior to Hoffman-LaRoche, he worked at Burroughs Wellcome as Head of Regulatory Affairs (Consumer Products) where, during the course of his tenure, he was responsible for the design and execution of clinical trials as well as devising and executing a program for the OTC conversion of Actifed and devising regulatory strategies for the approval of AZT for AIDS.
Medicines: Mandated to warn The Ministry of Health has now requires manufacturing companies to add labels to the following medications: Actifed compound Linctus, Actifed DM, Actifed Expectorant, Amydramine-II (sugar free), Amydramine expectorant, Amydramine II, Amydramine, Paediatric, Aurimel, Benylin, Benylin (paediatric), Bepro, Bronchophane, Bronchopront 15mg/5ml, Bronchopront 7.
Heerens, testifying on behalf of the institute, noted such action would cut into sales of such popular products as Actifed, Nyquil and Tylenol.
Among the common trademarks BANNED are Uniflu, Anadin, Benylin, Solpadeine, Actifed, Nurofen, Ginsana, Syndol and Advil.