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According to the black cohosh LGD, "Authentication of cut or powdered black cohosh rhizome is challenging due to the existence of closely related and sometimes co-habiting Actaea species with similar morphological features and chemical composition.
HEAVEN SCENT Carol takes in blissful actaea racemosa TOUGH TO BEAT Daphne cneorum is one of the hardiest plants around
Floral fragrances in Actaea, using differential chromatograms to discern between floral and vegetative volatiles.
The characteristic ground-flora species of the north-facing old-growth ecosystem include Actaea pachypoda Ell.
The three most popular new plants listed by nurseries in the new edition are Actaea pachypoda Misty Blue, Geranium Midnight Clouds and Erodium Freedom.
Cimicifuga racemosa, synonymous with Actaea racemosa (black cohosh), now widely employed for the treatment of hot flushes, made its way into the Eclectic Dispensary in 1852 as a highly regarded treatment for amenorrhoea (Duke 1985), having been adopted by the European colonists from the native Americans; the Cherokee and Iroquois people for 'gynecopathy (diseases peculiar to women) and rheumatism' (McKenna 2001).
The recent research has suggests a distinct increase in the effectiveness of silver nanoparticles in combination with plant extracts such as Actaea racemosa (Black Cohosh) and Chrysophyllum albidum (African Udala).
Karen also recommends actaea (cimicifuga) and heuchera as easy plants to grow.
A carpet of golden daffodils is the epitome of spring but to add a touch of sophistication to your lawn consider using a white-coloured variety such as Actaea or the May-flowering Pheasant Eye.
These taxa represent the mosaic of habitats present in and adjacent to the study area and include the following: Baptisia bracteata, Actaea racemosa, Lilium michauxii, Stenanthium gramineum, and Trillium catebaei.
The most widely prescribed species were Glycyrrhiza glabra, Vitex agnus-castus, Actaea racemosa, Hypericum perforatum and Zingiber officinale.
Featuring panels of French crystal glass to beautifully reflect the light and planting, there was also exotic planting recreating the allure of ancient Persia - including Actaea simplex "Black Negligee", Tulipa "Black Parrot" and Tulipa "Queen of the Night".
Clear ontogenetic descriptions of homeotic shifts between petals and stamens are Sanguinaria, with an extra whorl of petals (Papaveraceae: Lehmann & Sattler, 1993) and Actaea (Ranunculaceae: Lehmann & Sattler, 1994), petals transformed into stamens in Macleaya (Papaveraceae: Ronse Decraene & Smets, 1990b), stamens occupying the position of petals in Saraca and Swartia of the Leguminosae (Tucker, 1988b), Dichapetalum (Dichapetalaceae: Breteler, 1973; Figs.