Acts of the Apostles

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a New Testament book describing the development of the early church from Christ's Ascension to Paul's sojourn at Rome


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When you are ill you shouldn't act. You make yourself ridiculous.
He reverts to the events which have happened since the close of the First Act. The Countess has sacrificed herself; the mercenary marriage has taken place--but not without obstacles, caused by difference of opinion on the question of marriage settlements.
'Such is the state of affairs at the opening of the Second Act.
As far as the scene of the Countess's soliloquy, the incidents of the Second Act had reflected the events of his late brother's life as faithfully as the incidents of the First Act. Was the monstrous plot, revealed in the lines which he had just read, the offspring of the Countess's morbid imagination?
And, though plan assets are generally valued at the fair market value on the valuation date, asset value may also be averaged over 24 months, a decrease from the 60-month average allowed before the Act.
Therefore, all CPAs must understand the tax relief offered under the act. Keep an eye out for additional guidance, which is likely to come.
In 2001 the World Health Organization recommended that all countries where malaria is resistant to older drugs should switch to ACT.
Yet this is substantially what the Bush administration and its allies in the building of an imperial presidency did when they labeled their grasp for power "The Patriot Act."
The We Got to Stop Shooting Ourselves in the Foot, Especially When Our Foot Is in Our Mouth Act.
Feingold was the easiest mark yet: the only member of the United States Senate who had voted against the PATRIOT Act.
Dingell used the report as a springboard to introduce the Federal Insurance Solvency Act. In broad concept, the bill would divide regulation between the states and the federal government, putting solvency oversight in federal hands while leaving consumer issues to the states.
The time for filing comments has expired, and the Board has considered the application and all comments received in light of the factors set forth in section 3 of the BHC Act.
The first volume presents the complete texts of the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Estuary Restoration Act of 2000, the Oil Pollution Act, and the Safe Drinking Water Act. Volume II contains the texts of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act; the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (with the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act); Environmental Restoration; Emergency Planning and Community-Right-to-Know Act; Toxic Substances Control Act; Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act; Food Quality Protection Act of 1994; National Environmental Policy Act; Pollution Prevention Act; Occupational Safety and Health Act; and Transportation of Hazardous Materials Act.
The ALA has issued a resolution against the PATRIOT Act and offers information on its Web site on how libraries can respond to requests for information under the act. Through its Office for Intellectual Freedom, the group offers free legal advice for libraries served with PATRIOT Act information requests that do not have their own legal counsel.
This change will not impact the proper implementation of the Buy American Act and the Trade Agreements Act. However, contracting officers and prime contractors should be aware of the potential for confusion in this area.