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Synonyms for acrylic

polymerized from acrylonitrile

used especially by artists

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a synthetic fabric

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The Edgbaston Priory HPC is already looking to build on its close relationship with 10 clubs while also at some stage adding four purpose-built acryllic indoor courts to its facilities.
Sombre murals of ox-eyed figures had been painted in thick acryllic by a long-term Ethiopian convict whom Henrietta needed to know about: here indeed they were invited to stop.
Baseline, an acryllic on canvas piece, is now on display at the university's Ramsden Building.
HB, PB, MDF Pegboard (1/2" OC, 1" OC), Acryllic & metallic coatings, chalkboard, bullnosed & painted edges, screen printing, CNC mach.
If the pumpkin will be placed outdoors, seal with an acryllic spray (available at craft stores).
They include The Hag, an acryllic painting worth pounds 600, Judging, a chalk illustration of sheep judging in Bowes, again worth pounds 600, Gilmonby Trees, a water colour of a local scene worth pounds 400, and Twilight Over Barnard Castle, an illustration of the castle and river.
The procedure of repairing the crack required four screws, wiring and an acryllic patch.