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Synonyms for acrylic

polymerized from acrylonitrile

used especially by artists

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a synthetic fabric

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USPRwire, Sun Apr 03 2016] Acrylic Acid Market by Derivative (Esters/Acrylates - METHYL, ETHYL, BUTYL, 2-EH; Polymers - Elastomers, Superabsorbent Polymers, Water Treatment Polymers; Other Derivatives), by Applications & Region - Global Forecast to 2020
The Low Odor adhesives reportedly offer a very fast cure rate, reaching structural strength in about nine minutes--half the time of ordinary acrylic adhesives.
Acrylics B and C, having smaller particle size, bodi pass the test without adhesion failures.
Color concentrates for acetal, acrylics, ABS, cellulosics, EEA, EVA, nitrile barrier resins, nylons, PC, TP polyesters, polyolefins, PS, TP urethane, PVC, SAN, and other thermoplastics.
Liquid Metal Acrylics produce brilliant, shimmering and lustrous metallic effects on virtually any surface.
Let the acrylics dry, then treat the surface with the acrylic matte varnish so your urn has a tough, scratch-resistant finish.
Her own 9-year-old is already asking her for acrylics.
A: Compared to transparent plastics such as polycarbonate and polystyrene, acrylics are very competitive when considering the balance of price and properties.
Speedball's[R] Hue Based Acrylics have a high concentration of pigment and are cadmium and cobalt free.
The appeal of acrylics is that they repair bitten nails and deter nail biting, make nails smooth and even, and hold polish better than natural nails.
Nowhere is Kahn's attention to the body more evident than in his newest acrylics on paper, which have a skinlike surface texture and depict anthropomorphic forms.
Aristech Acrylics LLC, headquartered in Florence, KY, announced today that due to the current environment of rapid and unprecedented rising of raw material and energy costs, it has exercised its right to terminate its Supply Agreement with Wilsonart International, Inc.
Following this acquisition, the Clear Lake, TX acrylic monomers production site is being integrated into the existing acrylics business unit, within the Industrial Chemicals business segment.
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