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Synonyms for acrylic

polymerized from acrylonitrile

used especially by artists

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a synthetic fabric

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The wax shape is then itself cast into a mould, which is filled with acrylic plastic that is trimmed back using the Scotch-Brite EXL Unitised Wheel XL-UW by 3M.
The edges of the shield are constructed with acrylic plastic. We liked the identification labels on the underside so you can tell which window they fit.
Finally, screw clear acrylic plastic on end of pipe using four #4 sheet metal screws.
Their approach is that the composite plastic scrap (vacuum formed acrylic plastic with glass fibre reinforcement) has low density and thus has to be precrushed to save transportation and landfilling costs.
She took rectangles of clear acrylic plastic and painted on them the likeness of Vriesea platynema inflorescences (she has artistic talent).
A safe acrylic plastic mirror 96in x 48in costs pounds 160 from
The "Forerunner," a hardtop convertible automobile with a fiberglass-reinforced plastic body and a retractable top made of acrylic plastic, has gone on display at the Detroit Historical Museum.
Acrylic plastic has proven to be the most suitable material for the construction of the mirror as it has an excellent combination of optical and light weight properties.
Protect countertops and cut with ease on the Counter Protector from Acrylic Plastic Products, Inc.
They are filled with red, amber, and clear acrylic plastic pellets that are molded into lenses for the automobile lighting assemblies.
Getting the right geometry while keeping the interior as smooth as possible required the use of a special, computer-controlled lathe with a diamond blade to hollow out the interior of a block of acrylic plastic.
A piece of 1/4-inch-thick acrylic plastic (cut to fit at a framing shop) rests atop a bright jumble of berries and seeded eucalyptus.
You could go for an amazing brand new Bubble chair created in transparent acrylic plastic and designed soon after the Globe in 1968.