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a trademark for a transparent thermoplastic acrylic resin

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"Our PLEXIGLAS[R] acrylic glass brand combines top quality with absolute reliability and major design freedom for our customers," says Roland Mickal, the head of the Transportation market segment in the Acrylic Products Business Line.
The elegant design is a tribute to our Liquid Surface heritage with a durable acrylic glass back surface that offers a new, streamlined look.
It is available in two different forms: round and square, and comes in two stylish finishes namely classic chrome and moon white acrylic glass, to match your bathroom's look.
The remaining three samples were the acrylic glass used to make windows on spacecraft and flame-retardant clothing used for astronaut clothing.
Acrylic glass cube powered by rechargeable batteries, high-quality design
Zorn shapes layer upon layer of translucent tape on acrylic glass to create different shades, contrasts and depth that produce a stunning graphic effect.
As a contrast, she also has a sculpture called Contact made of acrylic glass sticks hanging from the ceiling, with the pieces all tangled together and glowing in darkness.
Sparkling acrylic glass pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings displayed at fancy jeweller Sandrine Andersson's booth catch the eyes of festival visitors as they enter the pavilion.
The machine used for this purpose has been provided with the protection of acrylic glass shield to eradicate any chances of its breakdown.
1970), Untitled, 2013, Signed A Reyle and dated 2013 on the reverse, Mixed media on canvas, acrylic glass, 28 1/2x24x7 1/2 inches.
Sales of other acrylic glass styles - Old Fashion, goblets and champagne glasses - also increased during the 12-month period ending April 2014, reports the Port Washington, N.Y.-based market research firm.
PMMA is known as acrylic glass and is used for light guide sheets, automotive and other applications.
The company says formulation of the acrylic glass is optimised for uniform and maximised light distribution and is available in 14 colours over the two ranges.
One got a broken ankle after being hit by the 6 inch thick acrylic glass.