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a trademark for a transparent thermoplastic acrylic resin

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The highly weather-resistant sheets made of impact-modified acrylic glass are available in a solid variety as well as in a corrugated and multi-skin version, optionally with an anti-algae application (AAA).
The illuminated cube made from acrylic glass and powered by rechargeable batteries replaces the candle on every table.
PMMA is known as acrylic glass and is used for light guide sheets, automotive and other applications.
It drew attention to the waiving of a bye-law to permit the use of combustible Oroglas (a transparent acrylic glass sheeting) in the walls of Summerland, as well as to a neglected fire regulation and building errors and was also critical of the organisation and training of staff in firefighting.
The company says formulation of the acrylic glass is optimised for uniform and maximised light distribution and is available in 14 colours over the two ranges.
One got a broken ankle after being hit by the 6 inch thick acrylic glass.
Shoppers, shop assistants and security staff suffered cuts and bruises as pieces of 15-centimetre thick acrylic glass flew through the air.
Acrylic glass or polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA) is used in the moulding components for producing dashboards or DVDs; in full sheets for shops' display windows; and in sanitary ware for showers.
Despite tethering meaning to specific material properties and denying space created by anything but actual three dimensions, Judd permitted the reflections in the sculptures' interior sheets of tinted acrylic glass, which eschew his earlier rejection of illusionism and produce a shimmering mirage of architectural space inside of the boxes.
The BMW Urban model has Metro cloth/leather seats, leather sports steering wheel and an acrylic glass interior trim in black or white with Oxide Silver accents.
Storm, made of bone china and acrylic glass light emitting fibres, was a luminous attraction as was Spiral, an elegant spiral-shaped piece in dappled light emitting fibre optic filament with each strand terminating in twin glass leaves in an icy cool shade of green blue.
Then Yi and Li used a commercially available milling tool with a diamond blade to cut the shape from a piece of the common thermoplastic material polymethyl methacrylate, a transparent plastic that is sometimes called acrylic glass.
Features and benefits include; upward conveying range 250-750 mm; conveying of tablets of 3-20 mm diameter, and capsules; acrylic glass housing (PMMA); stainless steel drive; constructed according to GMP specifications; for cleaning, the deduster can be disassembled easily and without tools by a single person.
The 50-50 Sabic and Mitsubishi Rayon venture is meant to produce material used for acrylic glass in Saudi Arabia.