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a trademark for a transparent thermoplastic acrylic resin

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Shoppers and staff sustained deep cuts and bruises from splinters of the 20cm thick acrylic glass.
Shoppers, shop assistants and security staff suffered cuts and bruises as pieces of 15-centimetre thick acrylic glass flew through the air.
To create this series, "Oh Boy Oh Boy," 2008-, Buetti designed templates on a computer, which were then cut from acrylic glass by a laser into individual color fields.
The BMW Urban model has Metro cloth/leather seats, leather sports steering wheel and an acrylic glass interior trim in black or white with Oxide Silver accents.
Storm, made of bone china and acrylic glass light emitting fibres, was a luminous attraction as was Spiral, an elegant spiral-shaped piece in dappled light emitting fibre optic filament with each strand terminating in twin glass leaves in an icy cool shade of green blue.
Then Yi and Li used a commercially available milling tool with a diamond blade to cut the shape from a piece of the common thermoplastic material polymethyl methacrylate, a transparent plastic that is sometimes called acrylic glass.
Features and benefits include; upward conveying range 250-750 mm; conveying of tablets of 3-20 mm diameter, and capsules; acrylic glass housing (PMMA); stainless steel drive; constructed according to GMP specifications; for cleaning, the deduster can be disassembled easily and without tools by a single person.
The 50-50 Sabic and Mitsubishi Rayon venture is meant to produce material used for acrylic glass in Saudi Arabia.
For Videocon, new floral look based on acrylic glass design, plus the range of energy- efficient models have been instrumental in achieving this, added Shekhar.
The 50/50 venture is meant to produce material used for acrylic glass in Saudi Arabia.
Discreet emblems on the wings and a draught-stop of transparent acrylic glass bearing the 2LOOK Edition logo also distinguish the special model.
Acrylic glass is used in various consumer electronics and auto parts and demand for the high performance chemical is improving in some markets such as China.
Relatives will sit in a viewing gallery at the back of the courtroom, separated from the proceedings by an acrylic glass wall and an audio time-delay.
The Dubai Aquarium & Discovery Centre features the world's largest viewing panel and a 270 degree acrylic glass walkthrough tunnel, and is also a significant contribution to the Dubai community, with the educational discovery centre offering tailored programmes for schools.