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Synonyms for acrylic

polymerized from acrylonitrile

used especially by artists

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a synthetic fabric

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Characteristics of this innovative acrylic compound include: low birefringence ([less than]20 nanometers), 92 percent light transmittance, high surface hardness, precise mold surface reproduction of small pits and high elastic modulus resulting in unchanged planarity during rotation.
A new heat-reflecting acrylic compound from Evonik Cyro LLC, Parsippany, N.J., reduces heat buildup by up to 20% in dark-colored outdoor parts for automotive, building/construction, marine, and recreational markets.
The acrylic compound also forms strong bonds on molded parts.
The Baylis-Hillman reaction has roots back in 1968 when Morita described the reaction of an aldehydes with acrylic compounds catalyzed by tricyclohexylphosphine [1].
Developers of new acrylic compounds have followed the premise that materials will dispel static more effectively if their anti-static component is a stable polymer compatible with base components and capable of transferring a charge through the material or along its surface--in other words, if the ESD properties are part and parcel of the material as a whole.