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used especially by artists


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For the peaches - cadmium orange and pale olive, on a background of 400ml white vinyl matt emulsion mixed with 100ml cobalt blue artists' acrylic colour.
For Al Maamari, her painting was completed with the Omani identity theme through the abstract school, using acrylic colours and different technical materials.
The acrylic colours on canvas depict landmarks of each emirates.
HH Shaikh Abdullah toured the various pavilions of ArtBahrain Fair and closely viewed several artistic masterpieces of various shapes which showcased classic painting in acrylic colours, sculpture, digital photography and modern age structures.
She's used acrylic colours. "I start with a black and then it starts -- there's a gradient, greys and then blues on the side".
The vibrant acrylic colours give life to the painting, while showing the haphazard nature of a clown's life.
"Earlier I painted very detailed images with oil, but now I paint more abstract paintings and I use acrylic colours. I changed to acrylic because I am a bit too impatient when it comes to using oil, which take days to dry.
J MacFarlan's Fishing Boats at Sunset is a large oil, bursting with the energy of the waves, while Beryl Conroy's quieter, serene summer painting of Holy Island, Tide's Out, has lovely acrylic colours. Winter, too, has many attractions for artists, realistically caught by Jeff Beaumont in his watercolour Wrap Up and Go and Chris Fallowfield's Winter's Intimacy (oil).
Winsor & Newton has added twenty new colors to its popular Galeria Acrylic Colours, creating exciting new possibilities for artists seeking quality color at economical prices.