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used especially by artists


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For the peaches - cadmium orange and pale olive, on a background of 400ml white vinyl matt emulsion mixed with 100ml cobalt blue artists' acrylic colour.
The idea took me a whole week [to flesh out], and I completed drawing it in one day in acrylic colours," the painter revealed.
The artist has displayed 10 paintings in which acrylic colours have intensively been used in an attractive manner.
HH Shaikh Abdullah toured the various pavilions of ArtBahrain Fair and closely viewed several artistic masterpieces of various shapes which showcased classic painting in acrylic colours, sculpture, digital photography and modern age structures.
The vibrant acrylic colours give life to the painting, while showing the haphazard nature of a clown's life.
The event, Darwish an Altar of Poetry, will consist of 20 works of carved wooden levers on canvas coated with a palette of rich, vibrant acrylic colours.
With acrylic colours you are able to continue painting and even finish the whole painting in one day, if you wish to.
J MacFarlan's Fishing Boats at Sunset is a large oil, bursting with the energy of the waves, while Beryl Conroy's quieter, serene summer painting of Holy Island, Tide's Out, has lovely acrylic colours.