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Nirwana (2005) stated that there was an increased in transverse strength significantly after the addition of glass fiber in hybrid acrylic resins. [16] Vojvodic et al.
* To evaluate and compare the marginal accuracy of provisional crowns fabricated using chemically polymerized PMMA acrylic resin (powder-liquid system) by the direct and indirect technique.
Synthesis of Acrylic Resins. Acrylic resins were prepared by conventional free radical solution polymerization techniques.
Impact strength and fracture morphology of denture acrylic resins. J Prosthet Dent.
Several studies have reported a high amount of residual monomer release11-13 from the chemical-cured acrylic resins, especially during the first 24 hours and the cytotoxic effects of the residual monomer has also been reported.14-16
Jagger and Harrison have done a study evaluating the efficacy of different denture cleansing materials in removing tea stains from heat cure acrylic resins. They found that many denture wearers may not be cleaning their dentures effectively.
Levin, "The curing of denture acrylic resins by microwave energy--physical properties," Quintessence International, vol.
Type of resins: Acrylic resins; acrylicstyrene emulsions; alkyd resins; amino; emulsions; crosslinking resins; epoxy hardeners; high-solid resins; hybrid
Splendal vacuum metallized flakes can be formulated with Sun Chemical's acrylic resins to produce luxurious finishes for plastics which meet the most demanding chemical-resistance specifications for automotive interiors.
The resulting products were a series of water-soluble acrylic resins with a solid content of about 25% and different ADH/DAAM ratios.
Objective: To evaluate the effect of disinfectants and distilled water on the micro-hardness of heat cure acrylic resins.
One of the largest manufacturers of alkyd and acrylic resins in Brazil has been acquired by Allnex.
He covers unsaturated polyester resins, poly(urethane)s, epoxy resins, phenol/formaldehyde resins, urea/formaldehyde resins, melamine resins, furan resins, silicones, acrylic resins, cyanate ester resins, bismaleimide resins, terpene resins, cyanoacrylates, benzocyclobutene resins, reactive extrusion, compatibilization, rheological control, grafting, acrylic dental fillers, and toners.
: Studies on the effects of abrasives on acrylic resins. J Prosthet Dent 1:454, 1951.
A case of prosthetic rehabilitation of lost facial structures as a result of chemical burns is presented and also compares the prostheses fabricated using acrylic resins and silicone materials.