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Jeff Miracola's Fantasy Art Workshop: Acrylic Painting Techniques is an extensive, four-disc DVD guide to the joy and art of acrylic painting, especially with regard to the fantasy genre.
Prices for the bold acrylic paintings range from about pounds 4000 to pounds 12,500 and two have already been snapped up.
Shortlisted pieces include an acrylic painting of the Severn Bridge, a graffiti image of Cardiff and an oil painting of the National Museum with a Chinese influence.
One such lesson introduces acrylic painting through the study of native animals and their habitats.
Materials Independent Paintings * 18" x 24" white paper * Pencils, erasers and rulers * Black fine-point permanent markers * Watercolor markers * Payons (watercolor crayons) * Watercolor brushes * Empty plastic containers * Paper towels Batik Banner * Paintbrushes * Acrylic paint * Acrylic painting medium * Shimmers Glitter Acrylic Paint * Masking tape * Empty plastic containers * Cotton banner * White glue (new bottles work best) * Plastic drop cloth
The canvas-textured paper mounted on the Acrylic Painting Boards provide an ideal base for the thick application of colors and are available in packs of five.
Artist Stephen Quiller demonstrates his methods of introducing students to acrylic painting. Quiller shows step-by-step demonstrations on how acrylics may be used like watercolors with thin transparent washes, or in a translucent and opaque approach.
Though acrylic painting did nor exist in the region before 1971, the Papunya Tula artists were quite familiar with an earlier tradition of fairly conventionalized landscape painting in watercolors, which had evolved during the '50s.
Meanwhile, back in 2017, Gomez mounted his first one-man show at the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo city, where he unveiled 31 acrylic paintings inspired by natural disasters such as Supertyphoon Yolanda and typhoons Urduja and Vinta.
Nature is captured in its brightest and purest form in these acrylic paintings. The objective of the artist is to spread the positive message generated by nature observation.
Of special note is a unique display that includes 24 acrylic paintings, which were created by students in an art appreciation course to help them better understand the complexities of color mixing and working on canvas as they studied various painters and art movements.
Dubai A range of acrylic paintings and sculptures are being displayed as part of an exhibition titled Echoes of Old Persia and the Middle East.
ARTIST Bill Wells spoke to Brighouse Art Circle and did two acrylic paintings using bold colours in the style of Welsh artist Arnold Lowrey.