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Artist recognition awards went to an untitled oil painting on canvas by Zach Butler, 16, Creative Minds Alternative School; "Careful," an acrylic painting by Exene Epperson, 16, North Eugene Academy of Arts; "Lonely Boy," a raku-glazed ceramic sculpture by Jenna Lay, 17, Crow High School; and "Madison," an oil painting by Raya Terran, 15, Oregon Connections Academy.
Prices for the bold acrylic paintings range from about pounds 4000 to pounds 12,500 and two have already been snapped up.
One such lesson introduces acrylic painting through the study of native animals and their habitats.
Displayed behind the hotel's reception desk will be an acrylic painting entitled "Sky & Post" by Pueblo, Colo.
The six-story acrylic painting was painted in the late 1970s and early 1980s on a building that houses a Job Corps training center, a program administered by the U.
Shortlisted pieces include an acrylic painting of the Severn Bridge, a graffiti image of Cardiff and an oil painting of the National Museum with a Chinese influence.
Cruz's hobbies are acrylic painting, drawing, landscaping and playing golf.
They would like to experience oil painting, acrylic painting, paint on easels and have display boards to have a proper art show in the spring.
The canvas-textured paper mounted on the Acrylic Painting Boards provide an ideal base for the thick application of colors and are available in packs of five.
Materials Independent Paintings * 18" x 24" white paper * Pencils, erasers and rulers * Black fine-point permanent markers * Watercolor markers * Payons (watercolor crayons) * Watercolor brushes * Empty plastic containers * Paper towels Batik Banner * Paintbrushes * Acrylic paint * Acrylic painting medium * Shimmers Glitter Acrylic Paint * Masking tape * Empty plastic containers * Cotton banner * White glue (new bottles work best) * Plastic drop cloth
overnight bag complete with airline luggage tag given to the actress by godfather and award-winning director Steven Spielberg, a one of a kind 1982, 8" x 10" acrylic painting of the actress commissioned by Spielberg, an autographed Christmas Card with personal messages from Jack Nicholson, Kathleen Turner and Drew Barrymore and one of seven signed Saturday Night Live promotional photos from her guest host appearance at age seven.
Ricardo Reyes' acrylic painting, ``El Sueno de Pedro Linares'' (``Pedro Linares' Dream'') with its fantastical creatures, is based on the true story of a Mexican pinata maker who fell ill and dreamed of weird creatures he calls ``alebrijes,'' which he then sculpted in papier-mache.
While the video introduces an effective approach to acrylic painting for secondary school students, advanced students may benefit from viewing two more extended videos also presented by Quiller, Acrylic as Water Media (55 minutes) and Acrylic Techniques (58 minutes).
2 -- 3) Houston's works include the acrylic painting ``Freedom,'' above; at far left, the sculpture ``Day Dreaming''; and at left, an untitled pen and ink sketch.
Though acrylic painting did nor exist in the region before 1971, the Papunya Tula artists were quite familiar with an earlier tradition of fairly conventionalized landscape painting in watercolors, which had evolved during the '50s.