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a salt or ester of propenoic acid


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To meet the increasing demand for UV acrylates, BASF had announced its expansion of existing production facilities in Europe in June 2016.
Urethane acrylates are estimated to account for the largest share of the waterborne UV curable resins market.
EBECRYL 5849 is a multi-functional polyester acrylate that provides cured films with good hardness and scratch resistance.
13]C spectra of monomer BMA and alkyl acrylates MA, EA, and BA, the chemical shift shows that all the alkyl acrylates are electron deficient compared with BMA.
Founded in 1999, IGM Resins acquired the Photomer brand UV acrylates business from Cognis in 2010, providing the company with a product portfolio that includes UV-curable monomers, epoxy acrylates, polyester and polyether acrylates, and urethane acrylates.
We chose them because acrylates are everywhere in the environment," said Dr.
Xu, G, Shi, WF, "Synthesis and Characterization of Hyperbranched Polyurethane Acrylates Used as UV Curable Oligomers for Coatings.
16 September 2009 - Norwegian oil service company Aker Solutions ASA (OSL: AKSO) said today it had won a programme management contract by Saudi company Dammam 7 Petrochemicals for an acrylic acid and acrylates complex.
The olefinically unsaturated monomer corresponds to one or more monomers selected from at least one olefinically unsaturated monomer selected from the group consisting of: a) mono- and di-esters of crotonic acid, cinnamic acid, fumaric acid, maleic acid, citraconic acid, and itaconic acid; b) carboxyfunctional monomers; c) N-vinyl caprolactam, vinyl phosphonates, N-vinyl formamides, N-vinyl acetamides, hydroxypropyl acrylates and methacrylates, monoacrylates and monomethacrylates of polyalkylene glycols, acrylates, methacrylates, acrylic acid and methacrylic acid amides containing amine groups; d) vinyl esters corresponding to general formula (I) CH2xCH--O--C(O)--R1, with R1=C11-21.
The inventors indicate many cycloalkenyl acrylates could act as potential oxygen-scavenging comonomers.
Products include organic intermediates, solvents and monomers (OISM), oxide derivatives, chlor-vinyls, chlorinated organics, Cal/Mag, propylene oxide/propylene glyco, 1 and acrylates.
While methacrylates will continue to account for the majority of acrylic resins demand, acrylates will record more rapid growth through 2005, the result of the latter's lower level of dependence upon highly cyclical markets, such as transportation equipment and construction.
While methacrylates will continue to hold the lion's share of the acrylic resins demand, acrylates will record more rapid growth, the result of the latter's lower level of dependence upon highly cyclical markets, such as transportation equipment and construction.
Since a reduction of crosslinker alone cannot be used to change the feel type while maintaining durability, we set out to design new urethane acrylates and crosslinkers.
00 acrylate copolymer (and) titanium dioxide (and) sodium acrylolydimethyl taurate copolymer (and) alumina (and) aminomethyl propanol) WSJ22ERAMP (Kobo) (Water (and) acrylates/ 0.